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windows 7 print dialog slow


Print dialog slow to bring up and work with in Adobe Reader XI

Hi, Since I upgraded Adobe Reader from version 9 to version 11, everyone is complaining about an extreme slow response from the print dialog box to bring up, but to work with it (mostly change printer and browse advanced properties) as well. It may t

Print dialog slow

using acrobat pro 9 on win 7, and today the print dialog has become very slow, to the point the program goes into does not respond mode before it tries to printWe use Adobe Acrobat XI Standard and Acrobat XI Professional and on windows machines today

Slow opening print dialog screen in Windows 8.1

I have Adobe Reader 11.0.5 and am using Windows 8.1.  When I click on the print icon, it takes 20 to 30 seconds for the print dialog screen to open.  This is maddening.  Does anyone know why and how to speed it up?Hello eycon Try out the article belo

Print dialog window in report generation

Hi... I would like to create a report from my database and send it to printer. Basicly i want to use something like print report.vi in labview examples. But the sample is print directly to the default printer, how can i display print dialog window so

HP LaserJet P1006 Print very slow with Windows 8.1

I have an HP LaserJet 1006 that is installed on Toshiba Laptop running Windows 8.1 and was working fine even from time to time it stop working at all, then I have to remove the software and then reinstall it again and then it works fine, last time I

When printing Firefox does not open the Print Dialog window

When printing at our office we often need to print to multiple printers and not just the default printer. When printing in Firefox, however, the print automatically gets sent to the default printer and I do not get a print dialog window. I have reset

How to Skip Print dialog window in smartforms

Hi Experts, while printing the smartforms i dont want Print dialog window. I want as and when i pressed the print button it'll directly print with the specified printer. I tried with lot of option but it is not working for me . May be i missed some p

Print dialog window does not go away

Hi, This is an issue I've experienced many times. When I try to print a web page from Safari, the print dialog opens, I select the printer and/or orientation, then I click on the "OK" button. But, the window does not respond, Safari seems to be

Print dialog window disappears

Currently testing the following configuration: App server version = Host = Tru64 Jinitiator version = Webutil version = 1.0.5 Problem: When invoking the Oracle 'print' built-in and clicking on the 'ok' button on the print dialog box,