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File system notification if file is open by external application

Hello! I have an application in which a certain temporary file is generated. This file is then loaded by an external web browser. When the browser finished loading the file, I want my application to delete the temporary file. Unfortunately my app is

Looking for Windows files on a Mac

On my Macbook Pro OS X 10.9.4 Processor 2.7 GHz Intel Core i7 Memory 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR 3 when starting a existing project I get a message about a file the program is not able to load. So it asks me to point the location. The question is as follows:

HP ab027tx notebook doesn't show WINDOWS 10 upgrade notification.

i recently updated all the files in windows 8.1 and still i'm not receiving the windows 10 update notification .can you guys help me? Hello , Thank you for visiting the HP Forums! A great place where you can find solutions for your issues, with help

Windows File CS Content Crawler - How to change crawl method?

Hi, I have encountered an odd issue. I am using a Windows File CS Content Crawler to pull in some PDF files from a remote folder. However I noticed the Windows File CS Content Crawler is crawling in the document title rather than the actual PDF filen

Bridge(CS3) conflict with Windows file explorer

Bridge will crash on me at least twice a day. I use Bridge and Windows file explorer simultaneously copying and moving files across a network. When Bridge quits I sometimes lose my network connection and have a lot of trouble re-connecting. I have do

Can I partition a hard drive so that one partition is for windows files and the other is for time machine backups?

I have a 1TB WD passport that currently contains windows files e.g photos, documents, etc. Can I partition it so that one partition contains these files and the other partition is used for time machine backups? Also, how do I change the partition sys

Query on integrating windows file server into SAP KM using WEBDAV

hi I have sucessfully integrated windows file server into SAP KM using WEBDAV. I have query in it regarding the possible validation against the portal Database user. Can we configure such that the user comparison happens for LDAP as well as database

Windows file sharing can no longer work after tiger upgrade

hi guys, ive been searching the web to find a cure on my problem for a long time now, but still no success, hope someone could help me out. ok heres my problem, before the upgrade, file sharing with windows is perfect, with no problems at all, but wh

Bug? Folders created by transmission is read-only to Windows file sharing

It's a nice thing that transmission is supported in the LenovoEMC version of firmware. The thing is, folders created by this transmission are read-only, which means file can't be added, deleted nor modified from Windows file sharing (They are still b

When installing Windows 7 using Bootcamp, expanding windows files gets stuck at 65%?

I was installing Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit on my Macboom Pro Retina with Bootcamp, and when it reached the "expanding windows files" stage, it got stuck at 0%. I waited a few minutes, and the percentage began to increase until it got to 65%,

Windows 7 Pro 64 bit Expanding Windows FIles, reboots

Trying to do clean install of Windows 7 Pro 64 bit to Lenovo Thinkpad  X140e laptop.  I boot up the DVD, get to windows advanced install, add AMD AHCI driver from CD and start installation. Anywhere from 7% to 70% completion of the "Expanding Windows

Help with s-l-o-w-w-w-w-w  Windows file sharing

After much hair-pulling, I finally got windows file sharing working on our 10.4.4 xserve (opening up ports 137-139 helped a lot!) - however I have noticed that directory navigation from the PC's are extremely slow... it takes about 25-30 seconds to n

How to remove old Windows files from partition other than C ?

hello , i have recently installed windows 7 but it installed on driver D then i reinstalled it on C but i can't get rid of the old program files and windows files located on D ... tried normal delete but keep telling that i need trusted installer per

I want to transfer my Windows files from my Clickfree external drive to my new iMac. iMac recognizes the drive but won't read the files. What should I do? My PC hard drive is dead so I can't hook up my iMac to that.

    I'm switching from Windows to iOS. But my new iMac won't allow me to transfer my Windows files on my Clickfree HD425 over to the iMac. It initialy didn't even recognize my hard drive during set up, so I manually went through Finder where it recog

Installed Photoshop cc 2014 asks for serial # - corrupted Windows file permissions

More of a warning / heads up to all than a question - installing Photoshop cc 2014 [via the CC manager app] caused some Windows file (security) permissions to become corrupt corrupt on my system. Symptoms include cc2014 asking for serial number valid

Windows File CS Content Crawler - Permission Issues

Hi, Having a strange problem with a Windows File CS Content Crawler. We have setup a shared directory on a server (on the same subnet/network as the portal server) where users drop their files (Word, PDF, Excel etc). We have a Content Crawler job tha

Windows File Properties vs. Content Services Properties

Hi. On behalf of a customer I am evaluating Windows file properties vs. CS file properties. Client Environment: Windows XP SP2, O-Drive. Rightclick a File stored on O (O-Drive, Content Services). a Props. Dialog shows up, the first tab is General*. I

How to view hidden window file in a memory card?

I am connecting a memory card to a mac But i cant view the hidden files in it It is a window file Can anyone help ?=)Symbian^3 currently has no way of looking at stored messages in the memory card. If you would like to access them, load the memory ca

When I open a file in Photoshop CS4, how can I resize My Open Window File?it is stuck on full screen

When I Open a File in Photoshop CS4, How can I Resize My Open Window File? It is stuck on Full Screen?Which operating system are you using? On a windows os, usually one can just double click on the title bar in the open dialog.Read other 3 answers

Windows File Sharing behaving differently on 10.4.5 ( iMac vs. Mini Intel)

I have and iMac and a Mini Mac Intel Duo configured the same: jdoe/password/workgroup ( bot Macs have a user name jdoe) personal file sharing started windows file sharing started with jdoe account enabled From the PC I ping both Macs to check network