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windows ubuntu dual boot time wrong


Cannot backup Windows 7 (dual-boot) image to external HD (formated as Mac OS Extended)

I cannot backup my Windows 7 (dual-boot) image to my external HD (formated as Mac OS Extended). I installed MacDrive 8.0 hoping to solve the problem but Windows 7 gives me an error when I try to create a backup: "...drive is not formatted as NTFS, ca

Windows XP and Windows 7 dual boot (unable to create partition)

Hello, 3 months ago I bought in Bangkok a Lenovo S10-2 with 2 GB Memory (it came with 1 GB) and Thai Keyboard (Thai Keyboard is the American Keyboard with the Thai Alphabet)  which works just fine. I'd like to install Windows 7 in a new partition and

How can I share ONE thunderbird profile between XP x64 and Windows 7 dual booting on the same machine?

I have a primary XP profile and associated mailboxes/accounts. I am dual-booting to Windows 7 and want to share only that XP profile so that all of my mail appears (and is synchronized) in the Thunderbird browser regardless of which OS I boot to. Thi

Arch & Windows 8 Dual Boot -- Windows Boot Loader loads grub-rescue

Arch works fine,but as it always happens Windows boot went down. Both OS are EFI. Note that boot secure and fast boot were disabled for Windows 8. I used os-prober, but did not fix anything; so, I removed it. I tried to hack things out using boot-rep

Windows 7 dual-boot query

Hi there! I am in the process of selling my old Windows 7 laptop and I'm very much considering to buy my very first MacBook Pro laptop. Now, I heard that one can install Windows 7 OS as a dual-boot to Mac OS X.  Can I ask: 1. Will I need an actually

Lenovo Z585 Ubuntu 13.04 / Windows 8 Dual Boot Issue - Wake from Suspend?

As the title says. I have been having an issue with waking the screen on my laptop after going into suspend from Ubuntu 13.04. (Also, same problem on Ubuntu 12.10 and Fedora 18) When I close the lid, the computer will go into standby normally. Lights