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I need help designing wedding table numbers. Any ideas?

I don't which program to use for wedding table numbers. The size paper is 5.5 x 4.25. I'm looking for something elegant, with a border, and possible colors of black, gray, and purple. Any ideas of how or where I can find some to print?It seems that s

HT201412 I bought Historic Winter Games Medal Table, v1.2, it installed on my iphone but not running

the program does not work and i want my money back pleaseAdjusting the date or time didn't do anything for me either. I'm guessing my two options are to either do the full restore from scratch and not apply any backup ... Or possibly wait for an iOS

Is there a way to create a calendar with a table that self fills in the dates?

I am creating a calendar that recognizes a date entered into a numeric cell and then calculates the dates for the rest of the cells. Ex:   Sun Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 24 30 31 I put in 16th a tuesday then the

Sum of Values from previous rows in a dynamic table

Hello, I have a dynamic table has multiple rows (added dynamically via a button).  One column in the table is a Quantity column.  Another is a Total column.  We do not want to keep a running total, but only wish to display a total when the rest of th

How to deal with deadlock on wwv_flow_data table when http server times out

There are some threads about a deadlock on the wwv_flow_data table. None of them contain a real explanation for this behaviour. In my case I will try to explain what I think is happening. Maybe it helps somebody who is hitting the same matter. In my

XML Schema Collection (SQL Server 2012): How to create an XML Schema Collection that can be used to Validate a field name (column title) of an existing dbo Table of a Database in SSMS2012?

Hi all, I used the following code to create a new Database (ScottChangDB) and a new Table (marvel) in my SQL Server 2012 Management Studio (SSMS2012) successfully: -- ScottChangDB.sql saved in C://Documents/SQL Server XQuery_MacLochlainns Weblog_code

Is there a way to create a table of contents listing the order of tabs(sheets) in a Numbers document?

I am planning my wedding and I have this huge Numbers document with 20+ tabs and I have plans to add many more tabs. Is there a way to create a table that has two columns: column 1= order that a tab appears, column 2=tab name? For example, my first t

Not able to create EM repository - ORA-00942: table or view does not exist

-bash-3.00$ emca -config dbcontrol db -repos recreate STARTED EMCA at 2010-06-02 12:12:29 EM Configuration Assistant, Version Production Copyright (c) 2003, 2005, Oracle.  All rights reserved. Enter the following information: Database SID:

Convert data from one table to another

SQL> select * from A; empid | mon_tips | tues_tips | wed_tips | thu_tips | fri_tips ----------------- ------------  --------- ----------+---------- 1 | 10 | 20 | 30 | 20 | 10 2 | 10 | 20 | 30 | 40 | 50 i want a SQL query that will convert the data fr

Range Partitioning a table based on day of the week

I have a logging table which i want to partition into 7 partition, each one for the day of the week, eg MON,TUE, WED. I am aware and I can do a list partition by creating a parition key which stores 'DY' of the week and this means that I need to add

Cannot drop table

Versions are Oracle and SQL Developer on Windows 7 Ultimate SP1. Hi I'm following the CBT Nuggets SQL Fundementals training (video #11) and cannot drop a table I have just created.  The command executed and error are: drop table n

SQL error "-601" occurred when accessing table "SMEN_BUFFC

Hi Guys I am getting the above error at tiem when i am logging on. The actual error message in the st22 dump is Database error text........: "SMEN_BUFH5 in R3EPT32000 type *SQLPKG already     exists. Job=018343/EPT01/WP00"  The termination occur

Need to fetch value from a table based on data range

Hello there, I was hoping that the community could give me a hand with this little puzzle I got. I am currently creating a Time Dimension for a data wharehouse, and I have the requirement to populate a column named SEASON (e.g: Summer, Winter, Spring

Using dbms_lob to load image into table

I am trying to load a set of images from my DB drive into a table. This works fine when I try to load only 1 record. If I try to load more than 1 record, first gets created but I get this error, and it doesn't load the images for the rest of them. OR

Viewing Tables in Oracle 10g Enterprise Manager

Hello, We are running Oracle 10g on a Linux Red Hat platform. We have started the dbconsole listeners to start using Enterprise Manager. The problem we are encountering is that tables that are in our schema are not showing up in Enterprise Manager. W

Primary Key in Internal tables?

Hi all, Im doing a ABAP- certification, so I need an exact answer , not the 'I think...' or 'it should...' answers. I often heard the sentence 'every internal Table has a key, even if you dont define one!'. OK, I was told, that SAP takes the non-nume

Css layout problems - css and tables

Hi guys, Well as some of you suggested months ago, I've been trying to learn to layout with CSS... It's actually getting a bit rewarding now as I start to figure a few things out but there's still plenty of questions!!! If anyone can take a look at w

Problem XML table in INdesign CS3 - coming in as tables not rows

hi I am creating a pricelist in Indesign CS3 with xml everyting is workin except when the xml imports it puts the data in seperate tables not in one table. I have 5 colums in a table of 1 row.I select the table & tag it story, then select the row &

Help with creating a custom table cell editor?

hi, i was reading up on various tutorials and trying to write codes that pops up a simple calendar when clicked on text of the Date class in a table, so far, i can't seem to get my classes working.. the following is some classes i've written for this

Can't find table in PRO*C application.

it is a ORACLE 10g ( I programed a pro*c application that has many querys. Application runs very nice for many many days. Some day, application can't run because oracle error occured. I dumped trace file it in ORACLE. =====================