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Is there a way to set the FOLDERS window in Adobe Bridge as a Column view?

I'm used to the way Finder display the folders on Mac(Column view). I would love, if its possible, to have the option to set the Folders window in Bridge to Column view: Finder Column View: Instead of Bridge List view: Is there a way to set the FOLDE

Shared folders (Windows file shares) show access denied and do not prompt for credentials

Scenario: Like other admins, I log on and work as a 'standard user' (usera) with no admin rights anywhere in the domain, to perform admin tasks I have another account (userb) which I authenticate with as and when required. userb has been allocated/de

Ever since the upgrade my all of my folders' windows are blank! What can I do to fix this??

I can see the emails on my cell phone. I can compose and send and email. I can see the Thunderbird new introductory welcome message in the box but when I click any of the folders nothing is in the window, the windows are blank. I've uninstalled and r

Imported music folders windows explorer path

System: Windows 7 64-bit Itunes: Earlier by importing music folders manually (with option that itunes is managing folders and copy folders to media library automatically) the new created folders for music were put to ...\iTunes Media\Music\

Folders window: reverse the order?

I name my folders starting with the shoot date in the YYMMDD format. I would like to see my folders listed in reverse order: most recent shoot first. Seems like a reasonable request; is it possible?Thanks. Where do I set this preference? I've hunted

Windows Explorer copy wrongly offers to merge folders

When copying a folder tree to an empty(!) location using Windows Explorer it often complains about folders already existing in the target location and offers a merge. This is reproducible on all my machines: Using Windows Explorer select c:\windows c

Guide: Optimizing Your Windows XP/Vista Notebook

purpose: to build a highly optimized, personalized, faster, smaller and more secure OS installation using windows xp (can use vista also but this guide will not cover it in any detail) plus i was bored to tears information: this is a somewhat advance

LaserJet M1319f MFP Installation issue on Windows 7

Dear HP support team and community members, I'm currently trying to install HP LaserJet M1319f MFP connected by USB on Lenovo Q190 machine /Intel Core i3 processor/ running freshly installed Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit with Bulgarian language pack, a

Windows 7 (64bit) & Office 2010 (32bit) Excel 'Document not saved' over WAN to network drive

Hi All We are currently in the process of upgrading all PC's on our WAN to windows 7 across multiple locations I know this has been asked numerous times but nothing is working for me. We are experiencing the dreaded 'Document not saved' error at only

Adobe Illustrator CS5 will not open in Windows Vista

All I get is "Adobe Illustrator has stopped working" Then i get "A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available" I've tried reinstalling 6 times now, and

Mail app appears to open but no windows will open in ML

I updated ML last night and my mail app will not open the main reading pane window , I get the menu bar and I can get the compose window to open but not my inbox or my mailbox folders window , not sure if the update has anything to do with it but wor

Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit changes its mind about my permission to change icons

About a week ago I created a file folder in the root of C: drive to hold icons I created.  I have millions of pictures and thousands of file folders so it is quite helpful to have unique looking folders when I am searching.  Best method for me is to

I am having some problems downloading Firefox on my Windows 8 Laptop... Can anyone help me?

When I try to download Firefox version 29 the file either says that it's corrupted or during the downloading and installing it tells me that it has been interrupted.. I there any way to fix this?Yes, see: *http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-8

Finder - folders won't open on hover

Hi all, thanks in advance for your time. I have a new Macbook Pro 13", and I'm experiencing some different Finder behavior from an older MBP with OSX Lion.  On my old MBP, (even after upgrading to Lion), I could drag a Finder selection and hover over

Trying to use wireless printing on a windows 8 computer

Everything I have is Apple, and working great with my Airport Extreme.  My wife, however, has a windows 8 computer.  I sold her on the wireless printing as a reason to get the sweet new Apple Airport Extreme. Problem: Research leads me to believe tha

Windows 7 machine cannot see files on mac os x 10.4 server

We can connect, but not see shared folders or files. PC machine is running Windows 7 professional, server is running 10.4.1. Any thoughts?Mac OS X file sharing http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=106461 There are 3 methods Mac OS uses to s

Why when i installed help installer does my icon on the task tab in windows 7 look funny?

it looks like a white page instead of the normal icon. i also renamed some program files from firefox 4.0 beta7 and deleted the beta 7 from the name. help?Before attempting the steps below, I would highly suggest you visit the latest known issues for

Windows Fonts not showing in PhotoShop CS6

Newly built Windows 7 Machine, installed the fonts and they show in all office Apps but not showing in Photoshop CS6, can you tell me how to get them to appear? ThanksPhotoshop lists all fonts that are present in 'Fonts' folder in Windows. If PS is n

Dock Folders Launching problem

Having a very strange issue and seem unable to find anything like it on the forums, but apologies if I have missed it. Whenever i try to open a system folders window from a stack or list from one of my system folders on my dock (applications, documen

Br CS5: HD's don't show in "Browse files/folder" window when trying to "copy to" or "move to"

Yesterday I copy/moved a number of files and folders using Bridge CS5 (something I've done frequently for years, and never a problem) - and now today the "browse files/folders window" would not show the C drive and the other drives within that t