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Null And " "

What is the difference between these two lines of codes? String currentFile = null; String currentFile = ""; Edited by: AMARSHI on Jul 10, 2008 7:07 AMThe reference variable itself, takes up the same amount of space, of course, as all references

AND/OR + some nulls in filter

I'm running into another problem with the AND/OR filter. The filter for selecting from object "a" and joining to objects b, c & d is: (b.theid==2 || c.theid==2 || d.theid==3) && active=="Y" The SQL that gets generated is: S

Unit Testing, Null, and Warnings

I have a Unit Test that includes the following lines: Dim nullarray As Integer()() Assert.AreEqual(nullarray.ToString(False), "Nothing") The variable "nullarray" will obviously be null when ToString is called (ToString is an extension

Enlarging Null and Cam

Hey guys, just experimenting and remembering how to work with nulls to control cams. I noticed when I enlarge the null in one dimension, the camera's view also seems to widen.  What's happening here?  What is that and what am I doing that is causing

Using NULL and NOT NULL in prompted filters

Dear all, While trying to grap the concept of prompted filters in sap bo web intelligence, I had a question whether why we cannot use NULL and NOT NULL while creating a prompted filters in our report.HI, 'Is Null' and 'Not Null' are the predefined fu

Not null and enable or disable  column in tabular form

Hi, Using apex version 4.1 and working on tabular form. ACT_COA_SEGMENT_MAS is Master table and ACT_SEGMENT_VALUES_MAS is detail table I have entered 8 rows in master table and PARENT_SEGMENT_ID is column in master table which is null able. If i spec

Checking null and not null values

Hi! We have a job schedule table that has a column for each day. JOB_ID, TIME_ID, MO, TU, WE, TH, FR, SA, SU 1                 1        X 1                 2                        XSince the same job can be on different days and times, we need to ch

Getting null and 0 outputting to screen or file.

Hi everyone, I am trying to make a phone book program in Java. However the main functions of the phone book (adding and displaying contacts) isn't really working, it is outputting null or 0. Here is a class to create an object for family members: imp

Connection ==null and Connection is closed, difference

Hi experts, I wonder what are the differences between "Connection==null" and "Connection is closed"? I closed a connection on one JSP page after a bean has retrieved data. Then, on the same page I call another bean to connect to the da

GetParameter()==NULL and memory

Hi everybody ! I'm creating a web site where users will be able to plot data from a database. So, I've an HTML code which call a PHP one which himself get data from database and create an JAVA applet on the following model : echo "<APPLET\n";

Is null and regular value in where ($variable)

is there any polibility to create select depend on value in where ? select count(x) where y = $variablebut if variable is NULLit doesn't work cause must be IS NULL or IS NOT select count(x) where y is $variableIs there any posibility to make it worki

Avoiding null and duplicate values using model clause

Hi, I am trying to use model clause to get comma seperated list of data : following is the scenario: testuser>select * from test1; ID VALUE 1 Value1 2 Value2 3 Value3 4 Value4 5 Value4 6 7 value5 8 8 rows selected. the query I have is: testuser>with

Oracle, Null and empty Strings

Currently I'm facing problems with a class, which contains a String, which is set to "" (empty String). When the class is persistent, oracle writes null to the table column (which seems to be common oracle behaviour) and when retrieving the clas


COL1 has the following values: COL1 ==== A B C A B C A D D SELECT COL1 FROM TABLE1 WHERE COL1 = DECODE(:VAL1, 'A', 'AA', 'B', 'BB', 'C', 'CC', 'D', 'DD') 1. what about the null values ? how can I add to the above statements when I enter null for the

IS NULL and LIKE '%'

How can select * from training_participant_tab where participant_id = '9020' and company_id IS NULL; returns 5 records and select * from training_participant_tab where participant_id = '9020' and company_id LIKE '%'; returns NOTHING ? field company_i

Replacing NULL and EmptyString('') with "Unknown" in SSRS parameter dropdown

All, What I want to do is, in the SSRS parameter drop down, instead of showing NULL and Blank values(), i want to categorize them as "Unknown", so, if the user selects "Unknown" from the SSRS drop down parameter, he should be able to s

Converting null and blank to NA in a column of a database table

Hi This is a simple thing but is giving me a hard time. I need to change the values coming as null or blank to NA . The values comes in a flat file as a source and I need to laod it convertign to NA in database. I wrote the expression as ISNULL([NPS

Receiving null and [Receiving text] SMS

Hi, Strange things on some SMS: I receive one correctly but a the end there is the text "[Receiving text]" Then I receive a second SMS only containing null Why is that ? Thanks.You coded: if (line == null) eof = true; else do something else; //

Implicit null and explicit null

Hi, 1) If a router receives a label of 0,what is it supposed to do..? label poppoing or swapping th label with 0. 2) If a router receives the label of 3,whether it pops the label or swap the incoming label with the value of 3..? Thansk1. If a router

NULL and Space value in ABAP

Hi All,        I like to know, is it NULL and Space value is same in ABAP, if it is not how to check null value. Thank you. Senthileverything is correct though some answers are not correct. A Database NULL value represents a field that has never been