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Why my system tray application terminates when JFrame is closed???

Hi, I am using JDK 1.6 with Netbeans 5.5 and currently trying to make an system tray application. I have one main class which runs as a system tray application and one JFrame class which will be shown when user selects a menu item from system tray. S

System Tray application

I am using the Java 6 feature for creating System Tray capable applications. I have used the SystemTray.java example from Sun and this works fine. What I need to know is how I hide the application in the Task Bar. The user would then need to click th

System Tray Program doesn't show a form from the menu

public SysTrayApp() ContextMenu TrayMenu = new ContextMenu(); TrayMenu.MenuItems.Add("Exit", OnExit); TrayMenu.MenuItems.Add("Send Mail", SendMail); TrayMenu.MenuItems.Add("Add Exception", AddException); TrayIcon.Icon = new I

Running a forms application from the system tray

I have a forms application.I want to run it from the system tray ,just like how norton antivirus or yahoo messenger works .How do i do it .Pls helpYou can create Actice EXE or OCX that enables your application to hide in system tray and embed it in y

How to make the application run in System tray?

Hi Javamates, I have a Swing application. I want my application to reside in the Windows System tray when the application is minimised , and also be restored when it is clicked in the tray . How do i do this ? DineshPls... do search the forum before

How to remove Application icon from system tray on uninstalling the application

Hello Friends                     Is there any way to remove a system tray icon when i unistalled the application? i am making a desktop application but i am facing a problem that during uninstallation of that application it remains on the system tra

Application Explorer - Not Loading To System Tray On Login

Hi, We are getting users logging into their computers in the morning, and finding that the Novell Application Explorer is not loading into the Windows system tray. Manually running the program does not work, only a reboot seems to cure the issue. Any

How to put Java application in the MS. Windows System tray

dear all, Is it possible to make a Java application communicate with the MS. Explorer and to put a Java application in the MS. Windows System tray Regardshttp://www.esus.com/docs/GetQuestionPage.jsp?uid=624 or look for madcap on sourceforgeRead other

Support system tray icon of Air application

Hi All, I developed a widget with flash builder 4 and I exported all the project in AIR application. Then, I packaged AIR application in .exe file for Windows, and dmg file for MAC. My application works correctly for both of OS. When I launch applica

Hiding Application To System Tray will cause Modal dialog unblock

I have a JFrame, when I minimize it, it will hide. The user can recall it back by simply double click on its icon, which is created in system tray during application initialization. However, I am facing problem when I pop up a modal dialog box. (In L

Minimizing LabVIEW application to system tray or running it as a Windows process

Hi guys, Is there a way I can minimize a LabVIEW application to the system tray on the right bottom corner of the screen ? My application will run all the time and all I want is a pop-up when errors or information/reports have to be displayed. I have

Minimize AIR Applications to System Tray.

Hello. Is there any way to minimize our AIR applications to the system tray? Like Internet Download Manager can have it's window closed but still running and appearing in the system tray, and is there also any way to display balloon messages like som

KDE 4.8.0 upgrade - application icons not showing in system tray

I updated to KDE 4.8.0 through pacman yesterday, and I noticed that system tray is not working as it should. Icons for some applications do not show, while other work OK. For example, Akregator icon appers in tray, while icons for Skype, AppSet or th

Equium A60-191: What application controls battery status in system tray?

I have had to re-install XP. This caused the loss of the drivers and quite probably other stuff I don't know about. One of the items missing seems to be the software or driver? for the battery. The battery no longer charges up to full power. The soft

Satellite L300- 1AQ - Bluetooth tray application has stopped working

When i put my laptop on it comes up with an error which says: *bluetooth tray application has stopped working* A problem caused the problem to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available. Anyone go

System Tray Status Error Message

HP CP1025nw.  XP.  with USB connection.  Printer works fine, but gives error message on screen, "HP Systems Tray has encountered a problem and needs to close.  We are sorry for the inconvienience."    "Please tell Microsoft about this probl

[SOLVED] KDE 4.5.2: lost icons of Pidgin, Skype... from System tray

Plasma crashed today and I lost, so called, "Default panel". After restart, I manually added panel, added System tray widget on it but System tray is no more displaying icons of non KDE applications such Pidgin, Skype and DeaDBeeF. Tried to chan

Remote Icon Missing from System Tray

I just installed zenworks and it doesn't display the icon in the system tray how do i get this to display? Thanks Aron Aron Hardie Net Admin Great Western ServicesGo to the Counting Crows concert with Walter(Matt Damon) and he will explain it to you.

How to avoid orphaned system tray icon?

I know how to create a system tray icon for my application using InstallSysTrayIcon(). I also know how to remove it before the program terminates (calling RemoveSysTrayIcon()). But the program closes in an expected way, or through the Task Manager, f

Can Labview Programs run from the Windows System Tray?

Does anyone know if Labview Runtime executables can be run in the Windows System tray? Any help would be appreciated. I'm creating a program that I want to run in the background, not visible on the desktop or taskbar. Thanks, TomRequirements    Price