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Writing a Script for Beginners


How can I get to install Microsoft Office 2011 in my Mac OS X 10.6.8 if when down to "writing package scripts" it fails ?, How can I get to install Microsoft Office 2011 in my Mac OS X 10.6.8 if when down to "writing package scripts" it fails ?

How can I get to install Microsoft Office 2011 in my Mac OS X 10.6.8 if when down to "writing package scripts" it fails ?Contact Microsoft support and ask for help.  You've paid for the kit, so installation-time support is part of the expectatio

I need help writing a script that finds the first instance of a paragraph style and then changes it

I need help writing a script that finds the first instance of a paragraph style and then changes it to another paragraph style.  I don't necessarily need someone to write the whole thing, by biggest problem is figuring how to find just the first inst

Writing apple script to perform actions on specific network shares/servers

Hi Everyone, I'm new to posting to this forum, but had a few simple questions about writing Apple Script. I've created a few network shares on our home network, and wrote an apple script to automatically mount the shares upon login. However, there's

How to delete a member in the EAS Outline by writing a script

Hi, I have to delete a member from a the EAS outline. Tried deleting it manually. It throws a error stating that outline cannot be saved. Hence they restarted the services and i was able to delete the member manually. I later had a thought that may b

Writing OS Script to use at file CC.

Hi , I have a Requirement in which i have to write a script and use the script as OS command in sender file adapter. Requirement -- When ever the communication channel read a file from directories at FTP server delete that file and paste that file in

Need help in writing the script in windows to read the file at runtime

Hi All, I need a help with a Script. I need to read a filename from a directorty based on a specific format. I will be looking for the file in a directory that will have a file added to it each month. The script will need to go out to that directory

My $20 to someone for writing this script...

Here is what I need to automate. I don't care if it's a Smart Folder, or an Apple Script, or an Automator work flow - whatever - just so it will work with my present setup. Once I test it and it works, I'll send $20 to the first person who can help m

Need help writing a script to traverse through files in a directory

I want to go through a directory and sub directories and convert files into jpg ones I have this code I've been using: mkdir jpegs; sips -s format jpeg *.png --out jpegs This is great for one directory at a time But, what I want is to apply this to a

Need help writing a script to delete a folder to run at startup

I have no experience with this and need full assistance to set this up. I am hoping to write a script which can be run at startup on a single client machine which is giving me font trouble. Our client machines are network controlled by our server and

How to call a function in DLL file, while writing test scripts in ATML standards

Hello all,             I am trying to develop test scripts in ATML standards. I need to call a function in DMM.dll file. How can i do that in ATML standards, please explain with some example ATML standard XML file. Someone please help me in doing so.

HOW TO : Writing simple scripts in SQL Developer??

Here is a simple script I run in SQL*Plus... the first SQL prints the QCSID, the second script prompts for a SID which is the QCSID from the first SQL... once provided it gives me the output I want... I just cannot do this in SQL DEVELOPER..... or Ca

Need help writing a script

I am trying to convert my prcess from DTS to SSIS. I am running this report out of SAP and then using Monarch to put into the correct form, then I am using the DTS to put it into the database on the SQL server.  I am able to get all the other info to

[Updated topic] Need help writing a script

Hey all! Got a folder with about 100 *.sql files and been trying to use the folowing python script to import them into the database: #!/usr/bin/env python import glob, os patches = glob.glob('*.sql') patches = sorted(patches) for x in patches: db = x

Help with writing a script

I am trying to write a little script that maps the delete key on my keyboard to my apple mouse - I would like to use pressing the scroll to active that delete key. Anyone have any idea how to do this? Thanks!!This forum will be able to help you bette

Writing action script from books or memory?

hey guys. I mess around with Flash and get into the most basic action scripting. My question is, for the most part, do designers all copy existing code and modify it to fit thier design needs, or do they just write it themselves all the time? I reall

Download on writing a script to backup to netbackup 4.5 on unix

pls I need a link to download on a script that backup to veritas netbackup 4.5 on unix. how many scrips are involved. and how?Veritas Netbackup is a 3rd party product, which has an interface to RMAN. It's not up to Oracle to provide scripts, so you b

Writing sftp script in al11

Hello Experts, i have a requirement where i have to write the script in a file in al11 and then i have to call this from sm69(external command) eg : my script name is gtsftp.sh and its content are: #!/bin/sh cd $1 sftp $2 << EOF put $3 quit EOF now

Writing a script for VSSADMIN

Hello, I am a sysadmin working at the enterprise level at my company running server 2008 R2 and windows 7. There are over 1000 systems to include workstations and servers. I need to enable shadow copy to the servers by using a GPO. I can write the VS

From Where i can help or manual about writing shell script in oracle

can any one help me to write shell script in oracle.not sure what you meant by shell script in oracle. If ou want to write a shellscript that interacts with an oracle database, you ma want to refer to an unix programming book and sqlplus manual. Rgds

Writing Illustrator scripts with Java not javascript

Hi all, I am an experienced Java developer, I want to ask about can I write scripts in Adobe Illustrator with Java rather than javascript, I mean Did Adobe make Java API for Illustrator? ThanksHello, 1) no, but c++, called plugin API ( Java Native In