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wrong display name in outlook


How can I display my MS Outlook/Exchange 2010 Calendar events on my web application's calendar?

I'm building a web (client) application (built in html/JavaScript/jQuery) that has a built-in calendar. I would like to pull in my Outlook/Exchange Calendar events and display them in my web application's calendar. What is the best way to do that fro

HTML Form Not Displaying Correctly in Outlook 2010 (Exchange 2013)

Hello, I have recently migrated to Exchange 2013. Clients are still using Outlook 2010. There is an application that automatically sends an HTML form by email for the users to fill in. The form consists of radio buttons, text areas and drop down list

Chat history displayed correctly in Outlook, not showing in Lync 2013 client

Morning all, It seems like I have an un-searchable issue with many hits returning that conversation history flat out doesn't work, which isn't the situation here... The backend consists of Exchange 2007 with Lync server 2013. Clients (a mix of Lync 2

Safari displays messages in Outlook Web Access (OWA)  incorrectly

I use Safari on my Iphone to view/process my Outlook email. It is a bit cumbersom, but works. However, just recently, it changed. Now, when I open an email, if I press "Reply" (agian this is an OWA) button, it creates a reply, but only shows the

Mail doesn't display properly in outlook

hello when i send mail using mail.app, it seems to be doing odd stuff without me realising - i need to use rich text so i can use colors, but when it's received by outlook users, the font changes half way through, and little square blocks appear whic

Floating fields and fragment subforms in Outlook 2007 do not display correctly

I'm using LCES Forms 8.0 Update 1 to render a non-interactive HTML forms using dynamic content (customer info). The email appears ok in clients except in Outlook 2007. The Floating text and Text Fields appear multiple times on the form (scattered aro

Outlook can not display htmldb mail message correctly

We are using some applications which constructed by HTML DB. All mail messages from HTML DB applications can not be displayed correctly in Outlook, but they are displayed very well in Netscape mail client. This issue happens in both HTML DB 1.5 and 1

Is this a bug of Outlook 2007 about images displaying in signature?

I've done many tests and researched on website or MS KB. But still got no solution. My issue is: I make a signature with images linking from website which can be easily accessed. I setup this signature in Outlook 2007, when I compose a new mail, and