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xbox one volume control not working


Inspire p380 volume control

Hello, this is my first post here. I have a little problem:i have connected my old inspire p380 speakers to my xbox 360. The problem is that having done that, i cannot set the volume because the volume wheel is on the cable that goes from the speaker

Unable to use volume control ipod itouch 5.1.1

hello, itouch didn't have a problem with volume slider until recently. through other websites, i have since located the volume slider in music playing mode by double tapping the home button and scrolling to the left but it lacks any button to scroll

I need help with voice memo and volume control

I really dislike to update my iphone's software.  I have Iphone 4S and I have been using voice memo to record lectures for sometime.  It was working well till updated my Iphone's software (IOS or whatever that is).  Now I can't transfer my voice memo

Need Volume Control API's for windows phone 8.1

Hi,    I'm developing a windows phone 8.1 app in which volume need to control. To do this I'm not getting API's to perform this operation, so can any one help to develop this app. if not please post some suggestions why this is not possible. Thanks i

5.1 Option has vanished from Creative volume control...

I have Creative's 5800 5.1 speaker system, and creative volume control on my computer. Used to be, I could just select 5.1 in the creative volume control settings and there you have it. Magically this seems to have vanished from the Speaker/headphone

How can I set up a custom keyboard shortcut for volume control?

Hi all, I use my black MacBook at work, connected to an external monitor and external keyboard. I'm looking for a way to set up the F buttons on my external keyboard as volume control, just as they do on my laptop keyboard. Looking for F3 to F5 to be

DV9700 Volume Controls not working after motherboar​d replacemen​t

I have a HP Pavilion DV9702ea, which I've had for just over two years now. It worked absolutely fine for me in every way since I got it until about one month ago when I installed some software that required me to restart Windows. The laptop shutdown

My kid dropped my iPad 2 and the volume control on the side got jammed in and now everytime my ipad is on the volume icon in the middle of the screen will not go away.  I can not move the switch on the side, it is jammed, is there a way to fix it?

My kids dropped my iPad and the volume control on the side got jammed in and it will not move, how can I fix this?  Can it be pulled out to unstuck it.  The glass got chipped right next to it, but it is not that noticible.  Everything else works on t

How do you increase the voicemail volume on an iPhone 4s ( Verizon ). The phone volume is fine. It is when I retrieve voicemails. Even the speakerphone is faint. I have adjusted the side volume buttons and the volume control in settings.What am I missing?

How do I increase the voicemail volume on an iPhone 4s ( Verizon )? The phone volume is fine. I have adjusted both side volume buttons as well as the volume control in settings.Number one - that person has given you false information...the Apple stor

How do I set shortcuts on my new onn wireless keyboard for volume control?

Replacement Keyboard Volume control issue with a non- Apple Keyboard  [Sunday - July 29, 2012 - 2:18pm] Question:     I just purchased a new keyboard in place of the orginal for my iMac which gave out this morning. The brand name of the keyboard is O

Why doesn't the volume control settings allow a greater range (on the low end)?

Maybe my ears are really sensitive, but for every iphone I've had, the lowest volume is not low enough.  My phone is often louder than I want in my headphones even at the lowest setting.  I find myself trying to lower the volume but ending up in sile

The volume control on my ipod touch 4th Gen is gone,what should I do?

It just happen to me lately, so as I open the music while my earhones are plugged,I saw that there is no volume control on my screen but the song is still playing but I can't hear anything so I remove my earphones then I plugged it again then the vol

Volume control for video playback through Apple TV2

I am trying to configure the volume settings used on airplay through apple TV2 and a macbook pro and Iphone4 all with most recent updates. I am using the apple remote app on my iphone to control the apple tv. Whats working: Using the pandora app on m

Volume controls on my Apple BT Keyboard do not control volume on my Mac Mini

I just updated the OS on my Mac Mini to Yosemite and everything was working fine, but earlier today the volume control buttons on my Apple BT Keyboard stopped controlling the volume on my Mac Mini. I was watching a movie just last night and the keybo

Ipod touch 1st Gen, no volume control after update to 3.1.2

So i just upgraded my ipod touch to 3.1.2 which cost about $6, and the volume control is missing( even with the headphones plugged in). How can i fix this? i dont want to do a restore and not have the firmware i just paid for.The recovery at a XP-PC

Ipod Touch Gen 1 and   3.1.3 volume control

Im pretty annoyed at the latest firmware upgrade, the completely removes onscreen volume control. and the ipod touch 1st generation has no side buttons for it, making this now impossible for me to change without going into an app that has volume in i

Volume control buttons not working with new usb keyboard

Hi all, I recently replaced the bluetooth keyboard that came with my iMac with the usb keyboard (the long aluminium one, with the number block). Typing is no problem, but the volume control keys dont seem to work with this keyboard as I was used to w

1st gen iPod touch has lost it's volume control

After last update my iPod has lost it's volume control. I've tried everything I can think of - including doing a complete wipe and reinstall. I've tested with several different headphones, incl Apples own, a pair of Skullcandy and a pair of Sennheise

1st Gen iPod Touch No Volume control

The volume control in all apps and music just disappeared the other day, so I have no sound whatsoever. Didn't do anything different. The headphones are securely attached to the jack, I tried the "Reset all" option. Nada. What's next?Hi, Does &q

Ipod Touch 1st generation no volume control

ok. i have tried everything.....resetting, re-booting, I upgraded to 3.1.3 and I cannot control the volume. It's very very low. In the settings, moving the slider does nothing. Am I doing something wrong? Why can I NOT control volume? I can barely, I