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xcode 8.1 release notes


Is Xcode 3.0 released or only part of Leopard preview?

I was reading that Xcode 3.0 was 'released' today, but it has not been posted to the ADC Member site (yet)? Anyone know if this new version is going to be available like the other releases on the ADC member site, or if it is only going out with the L

Xcode breakpoints not catching

I've been having some trouble in XCode where breakpoints won't catch sometimes. In all cases, the breakpoint indicator on the left side of the source editor window shows up as orange with a blue outline. They are usually solid blue. But when I debug

What is the primary difference between Debug and Release build?

I'm coming from the world of VS, where there's a clear distinction between a Release and Debug builds. In Xcode I can't seem to see how two are different and how would I benefit from, say, a Debug build. Can someone explain this for me?The difference

Xcode fails while makefiles work

I am having problems setting up an xcode project for some given source code. I have already a build system based on makefiles for the source code that works fine (so the source code must be ok). Now i am trying to set up a xcode project for that sour

Debugger Problems with both 2.4 and 3.0

I've been developing a Cocoa app for Tiger using 2.4.x for the last year or so and have frequently been having problems with the debugger. Breakpoints are triggered correctly but the debugger will hang, for 10-20 seconds when stepping through the cod

C  11 support in xtool4.3

i use lambda and atomic (c++0x) with ubuntu but now as I am working on MAC not able to use them installed xcode(4.3) and changed compiler settings to LLVM3.1 but still both features are not available to compile wanted to have g++ which supports c++0x

Jaws 11 support in Flex 3.3

I have seen in the release notes of Flex 4 that Jaws 11 was supported.  We have built our application on Flex 3.3 and migrating to Flex 4 does cost a lot of development man days.  I would like to know if Jaws 11 is suppose to be supported in Flex 3.3

Will apple release Xcode for windows

I have recently tried to get the iOS SDK just to find that Xcode is only availible on the Mac App Store. I am running windows and I dont want to use some 3rd party compiler to develop. I also know that it is not possible to legally run OS X on a Wind

Install a non pre-release version of Xcode error

I've just installed Director 12 as well as Xcode and have attempted to compile a iOS app from director. The Xcode version I installed is 5.1.1 which I believe is the current released version. When I go to compile I get the message "Install a non pre-

XCode  Release/Debug difference

I'm using XCode 3.2.1 64-bit and i encounter some problems with the release/debug version of my application. ( It's a very simple application where some inputs are read and inserted into a table ) 1) If I build and run the application in debug mode,

What's the difference between xcode 4.4 BUILD 4F243 (GM) and 4F250 (final release)?

So, What's the difference between xcode 4.4 BUILD 4F243 (GM) and 4F250 (final release)? Is there any necessaries for upgrading my GM VERSION XCODE 4.4 TO final release from MAS?From the ios dev forums (I think you may have seen Apple's reply by now):

XCode Question: Events on release builds only

There are some scripts or copy files things I want to do, but I only want them to run on a release build. I have seen the "on installing" switches, but I can't figure out how to turn installing on. If I check those boxes, the scripts and copy fi

Xcode target names only 'release' and 'debug'

Hi, We like to create more build targets in our project, at the moment we have the standard 'release' and 'debug'. For a new version we need targets like 'release 4.1' and 'release 5.0' now. I duplicated the target entry, but if I try to build a targ

XCode, python, how to ascertain Dubug or Release configuration

Is it possible in Python cocoa projects to ascertain Debug or Release configuration ? For instance something like this: if _release_: passGot it, thanksRead other 3 answers

How to link dynamic library in the Xcode

Hi all, I want to link the dynamic library which is installed in the directory "/usr/local/lib", but I don't know how to set the Xcode to use this library. When I compile the source code by linking the dynamic library, Xcode prints the error inf

I can't get SDL 1.2 to run in Xcode 5

Up until recently, I've been using an eight year old iMac running OS X 10.6, but I just bought a brand new six core Mac Pro with OS X 10.10, and I've been trying to get my old SDL 1.2 programs to run. I installed Xcode 5 on my new computer (I had rea

All was well until 10.7 + MAMP + xCode. Now...misery. Why?

I'm a port from the PC universe. Been loving my iMac since 10.6 for about 2 years now. Recently, I decided to stop programming on the PC and move to the Mac and open source, namely PHP to start. That mean installing MAMP. No harm. Then, I entered the

CS5.5 / Mac Release: Can't load my plugin

Hi I take my XCode project for CS5 and changed the settings for CS5.5 (SDK CS5.5, directories, and so on). After different changes, I can compile and link my plugin (debug and release version) without some errors. The debug version is loaded in Indes

Any hope for OpenMP with Xcode / Obj-C?

I've been compiling command-line OpenMP C-based stuff, but it uses the gcc 4.3 from hpc.sourceforge.net, and I don't believe this can be made to work with Xcode 3 / Objective-C. I presume I either have to wait for Apple to support OpenMP in their gcc

XCode won't load more than one application at a time on my iTouch?

I got the latest SDK, installed the latest firmware, re-generated the provisioning profile. Really, everything works exactly as expected, and xCode installs my application normally, but if I, say, try to install two different sample projects, HelloWo