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How to create  64 bit plugin for CS5 on Mac

hi, I am using Adobe photoshop CS5  extended (12 x64) version. While trying to build and run the sample  automationfilter  plug-in using  x86_64 configuration in xcode, plugin is being loaded but it is not working. But it is working properly in x32 m

Variable substitution in the environment.plist file

I want an additional item in the PATH environment variable for GUI-launched apps. I've created the ~/.MacOSX/environment.plist file and added an entry to create a PATH variable. I have initially tried to set the value of this to "$(PATH):/usr/local&q

Indesign mac: Plugin Built using Xcode 5.0.2 is not loading in Indesign CC 2014

Hi, I have copied my project files from version 4.5.2 (which I was using for Indesign CC) to XCode 5.0.2. After this, I moved the *.plist of my plugin from sources folder to resources folder and then did the release build. But when I am opening Indes