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Xml schema Vs DTD

Hi, Can some one please give me a pointer or elaborated detail regarding how using xml schema helps instead of using DTDs and the most popular and efficient tool out there that converts DTDs into XSDs? I know there is some inforamtion about this in W

XSU Generated Schemas and DTDs are bad input for oracg

Hi, I'm trying to write a utility that accepts a database schema name and writes XML Schemas and a DTDs for each table based on a: select * from table_name over each table in the schema. I would then like to use those files as input to the oracg util

Validating a xml document via dtd or xml schema

hi. i am trying to validate a xml document's structure via dtd or xml schema. unfortunately i dont have a clue how to do this. although i read some documents about it i didnt find a way to it yet. i am using dom4j to build a org.dom4j.Document from a

XML validation against schema (NOT DTD)

Hi, I am fairly new at parsing XML documents, but I am trying to parse an XML document using the Xerces SAXParser. I can parse my xml document, no problems there, but I want to validate it against an xml schema file, without specifying the file in th

Storing DTD or xml schema in DB

Is there a recommended best practice for using db tables to store constraints represented by a DTD or xml schema? I'm not looking to store a normal xml doc in the db, but rather something like the DTD that can be read and used to validate incoming do

Schema or DTD in XML portlet?

I'm wondering whether or not it's possible to use an XML schema as opposed to a DTD in an XML component. Is it?No I guess that is not supported. rahulRead other 2 answers

XMLType toobject return invalid number while providing the XML Schema/DTD

We are exploring an option of converting XML into an oracle object and found toobject procedure that does the job. It works fine without XML Schema and provides XML data as oracle object. But it takes more time in parsing the XML since it uses canoni

Difference between schema and DTD

Difference between schema and DTD <author> <firstname></firstname> <lastname></lastname> </author> How will u write dtd and schema for above XML ?DTD: <!ELEMENT author(firstname, lastname)> <!ELEMENT firstname(

XML Schema file in data definition

Hi, I am creating a custom RTF template for a seeded data definition in the eBusiness Suite. The data definition has an XML Schema file loaded however this does not include all the data required for the template. Running the report to just generate t

Error when registering XML Schema

When I try to register a schema with XDB I keep getting an ORA-31000 error. It says that the schema it references is not a valid XDB schema, but when I try to register that one it says the first one isn't valid.Testing with 11g I get I assume you hav

Try to do my first XML Schema in SQL Server 2012 Mangement Studio(SSMS2012)-How to execute the xsd and xml files in SSMS2012?

Hi all, I learmed the basic stuff of XML, DTD, DOM, etc. long time ago. Now, I came back to resume my XML journey and try to learn the XML Schemas, XPath and XQuery. I have Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Management Studio (SSMS2012) in our computer networ