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How do you create an xsd file for an xml schema in BI Publisher?

Helllo. I hope this is a really daft question for somebody.. How I create an xsd file to be used as an xml schema to attach to a Data Definition that Ive created? I've obv. got the xml and rtf files ready and attached. I've looked through the relevan

Urgent: Help required for fetching CHILDNODE from an XML schema.

Hi All, Good Morning to all, i have problem in extracting the child node name. I have created a xml schema say "emrxmlsample3.xsd" based on this schema i have created a xmltype table and inserted a value to the table. I have a problem in fetchin

Null value for int and datetime date type in xml schema

hi: I am embarrassed by a qustion in xml schema; i defined a xml schema file like this: <elementFormDefault="qualified" attributeFormDefault="qualified"> <xs:element name="test"> <xs:annotation> <xs:docum

XML Schema -- xsi:null in document instance and nullable in XSD

Hi, I have an XML document <DOC> <EMP_ID>1</EMP_ID> <EMP_NAME>Scott</EMP_NAME> <EMP_ADDRESS>USA</EMP_ADDRESS> </DOC> As to what I understand, for the document to look like <DOC> <EMP_ID>1</EMP

XML Schema validator fails to load XML Schema from URL

I'm trying to validate an XML document against a set of XML Schemas and the parser seems to freak out: even though all the schemas are referred to in the XML and are properly recognized by Schemas field in XML document properties, I get warnings (mul

XML Schema to generate table data from a repeating subform data

Hi All, I would like to have a check box that when checked, will hide a quotation form, and make a purchase order form visible, carrying over some of the field data from the quotation form into a new table on the Purchase order form. I've attached th

Unable to locate Spring NamespaceHandler for XML schema namespace

I am not sure if this is the best practice approach but this is the problem I am ruining into. Below, I explain what I am doing: 1) What I am doing: ============= Based on the oracle incubator example (http://coherence.oracle.com/display/INCUBATOR/Pr

XML Schema Collection (SQL Server 2012): How to create an XML Schema Collection that can be used to Validate a field name (column title) of an existing dbo Table of a Database in SSMS2012?

Hi all, I used the following code to create a new Database (ScottChangDB) and a new Table (marvel) in my SQL Server 2012 Management Studio (SSMS2012) successfully: -- ScottChangDB.sql saved in C://Documents/SQL Server XQuery_MacLochlainns Weblog_code

SQL Server 2012 Management Studio:In the Database, how to print out or export the old 3 dbo Tables that were created manually and they have a relationship for 1 Parent table and 2 Child tables?How to handle this relationship in creating a new XML Schema?

Hi all, Long time ago, I manually created a Database (APGriMMRP) and 3 Tables (dbo.Table_1_XYcoordinates, dbo.Table_2_Soil, and dbo.Table_3_Water) in my SQL Server 2012 Management Studio (SSMS2012). The dbo.Table_1_XYcoordinates has the following col

How can i change a xmltype column's xml schema?

i create a table that have a xmltype column.this column is schema-based. my problem is , now i want to this column's schema will be redefined to a global schema? [b]how can i change the column's schema which already have a schema?When a schema is reg

How to generate a XML file from a XML schema...?

Hi guys...! I have a XML schema and I want to write a XML file based on that schema. I have heard about this feature that eclipse has, which given a XML schema, can generate a XML file for you. Does anyone of you know about this feature? or is there

XMLType column based on XML Schema: several questions

Hi, I've a table on an oracle db version where I stage the xml files containing orders created on a third party's system using BizTalk. Although the storage I opted for is based on an XML Schema, defined by this third-party, I am facing big

XML Schema Generated By XMLSpy fails validation in JDev

Hi gurus, I am trying to view an XML schema generated by XMLSpy in JDev but got this error: Error(6,74): <Line 6, Column 74>: XML-24523: (Error) Invalid value 'simpletypes\AmendmentReasonChargeType.xsd' for attribute: 'schemaLocation' Now

Problems using mathml XML Schema in XMLDB

I have successfully loaded the hierarchy of XML Schema definition documents for the current 'mathml' by adjusting the relative paths in all include and import statements, and by forcing the load to overcome cyclic dependency issues. However when I tr

Forms pulling Multiple Records from an XML Schema and XML data files - Adobe LiveCycle Designer

I built a form in Adobe LiveCycle with an xml schema and data file.  The problem is with how the form renders the xml data file. I have a statement element that consists of about 6 fields (statementID, statementName, statementAddress, statementCountr

How to bind data from script created variable to embed element of XML schema (xsd) in "Data View"

Hi, i have got another problem with livecycle designer scripting. I have got script line which is defining of string variable: var aaa = "this is my string"; and i have got embed XML schema like this (it`s only short part of whole file): ... xs:

Error while adding XML Schemas with cyclic references

I have to use the 3rd party bunch of XML Schema files, but two of them reference each other, i.e. there are cyclic references. ESB displays a conflict in this case. Is there any way to resolve the problem without changing source xsd-files? My configu

XML Schema file in data definition

Hi, I am creating a custom RTF template for a seeded data definition in the eBusiness Suite. The data definition has an XML Schema file loaded however this does not include all the data required for the template. Running the report to just generate t

Failed to serialize interface javax.xml.soap.SOAPElementweblogic.xml.schema

I have generated my Web Service Client Control Class based on WSDL file provided by Web Service Provider using JAX-RPC in "Oracle Workshop for WebLogic version 10.3". I am using Web Service Client Control class in WebLogic Portal portlet backing

PL/SQL web service - how to use XML schema to define inputs/outputs?

Hello, let us say I want to publish a PL/SQL web service. The package spec that I want to expose is: CREATE OR REPLACE PACKAGE myWebService AS   FUNCTION loadResults(     username   IN VARCHAR2,     password   IN VARCHAR2,     resultData IN XMLType)