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How to escape special characters in Simple Transformation

Hi Experts, I have got a problem to get a well formed xml document from the below simple transformation. The content of maktx contains special characters like & <, which are not allowed in a well formed XML-Document. But the result of the Simple Tr

How to escape or remove the special characters in the xml element by regula

Hi members, How to escape or remove the special characters in the xml element by regular expression  in java?? For Example , <my:name> aaaa </my:name> <my:age> 27 </my:age> In the above example , i have to retrieve the value of the

Special characters in XML (UTF8, escapes etc)

This may seem like a simple problem, but I'm kind of a slow learner, so any help would be appreciated. I'm generating XML output via ordinary PL/SQL procedures i.e. not using the Oracle XSQL stuff. The data is built up into a XML document, which will

How to handle special characters in Apex

Hi , In my application I have two regions - one is Report Region (Interactive Report) and other one is HTML region with two text items - Empno and name My Report has two columns Empno(varchar2) and Ename(varchar2). When I click the edit link in the r

How to use Special Characters in CONCAT function or another form with Xquer

Hello everyone I'm using PS3 OEPE within message flow (proxy)and I'm using Xquery. I'm using the CONCAT function, but this does not allow me to concatenate special characters not allowed, for example: I want to concatenate these strings: String1 = "&

How to display special characters in APEX Classic Report column

Ref: Thread: How to display newline characters as new lines Version: APEX 3.2 Hi, I have created an classic SQL Report with one of the columns being a decode that gives a value 'Post'(the value should be highlighted in Red) on one condition and 'Pre'

How to handle special characters in Stage web view with Load URL method?

Hi,   I have Latin special characters in my text. My HTML content contains the text as well as the image. If I use stage webview LoadString,  images will not be displayed. But my latin characters are displayed correctly. If I use LoadURL method, the

SSRS and data from SharePoint lists - special characters in HTML

Hi All, This may not actually fit into this forum, but here goes anyway... We're using SSRS to report on data stored in Project Server workspaces (so SharePoint lists). Prior to upgrading to 2013, we could pull this data in and set the "Placeholder p

Special Characters while loading xml file in rtf template

Hello, We use Oracle BI Publisher Enterprise to develop and publish reports. I am self taught and I am used to developing reports the following way 1) Write SQL query 2) View the Data format and copy the xml from the browser 3) put in in textpad and

PDFs using BI publisher and special characters - pound sterling

I have a table with character strings which include the £ pound sterling sign. If I create an xml file from the table using the escape sequence for the pound sign & # 163; and load it into BI publisher, the pdf renders correctly using an rtf template