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App to record screen and capture video from camera at the same time?

For the love of God, why is it 2013 (the age of YouTube and such), and I can't find an app that lets me record my hdv camera (canon hv30) AND the computer screen at the same time? I make piano tutorials on YouTube and my current workflow is so horren

No screen capture program in CC?

     I realize there are a ton of programs out there with varrying degrees of usefulness for this sort of thing. But I would expect such a comprehensive toolset as creative cloud would have some way of recording my desktop/other adobe programs. I wor

Importing a high definition clip, fps 25, from Koyote screen capture, becomes bad in Elements

Hi, I am running Adobe Elements 11 and have one irritating problem. I make a perfect on screen recording but when I import the .avi to elements some things just become poor. For example when I scroll a window while recording it just becomes a weird b

Can Premiere Pro CS6 do a screen capture?

Does anyone know if Premiere CS6 have the ability to screen capture within it's features? Is there a plugin? Message was edited by: Kevin Monahan Reason: More searchable titleYes, that is what he said... and more information about different programs,

Unable to capture screen fields in eCATT

Problem description 1 : Unable to capture screen fields in eCATT Recording using SAP GUI Method. Problem description 2 :Unable to capture Tab controls while recording in eCATT using SAP GUI Method. Thaks for any suggestion you could provide me and on

Select-option value is not getting captured in at selection-screen on value

In Selection screen , we have Select-option and  a parameter. Based on the values given in Select-option, the values of Parameter should get populate. To achieve this functionality, I  used  At selection u2013screen  on value request  for <parameter>

Capturing elements value in the selection screen for LDB during run time

Hi, I have a program where LDB is used. Could anyone please suggest how to capture the values of the elements present in the LDB's default selection screen. Specially, the company code and the period values. Please reply . Its too urgent. Regards, Bi

How to capture the user change in an input field on a selection screen?

I am coding a selection screen in which there are two input fields. The first field takes a Unix directory from the user input. Based on the input value, the second field will be populated with a the name of a file under the corresponding directory.

How do I connect two video cameras to my computer have them both show up on the desktop at the same time so I can see and capture both images using a screen capture program?

Hello,  I am a teacher and want to make some videos to post online for my class.  I would like to have it set up so that I have a powerpoint presentation going, a video camera pointing at a piece of paper I can write on and another video camera point

How can I capture motion video of my iPhone screen?

I would like to capture my iPhone screen in action for purposes of demonstrating its usage to others (e.g. How do I create and send a text?). I want to be able to use this in a FinalCut video.I don't think there is a supported way to make screen reco

Capturing Video to my final cut pro with lines showing up on the screen

I am capturing video to my computer using final cut pro and it looks like blinds on the screen. Two separate videos showing up in alternating lines. How can I fix it. thanks randallThis sounds like dirty heads. I'd first try cleaning them. Then recap

Need to have pop up window in selection screen and capture the user action.

Hello Friends,                      I have a requirement, that need to show a pop up window after execution, and to get the action from user using a Push button. I create a selection screen and a sub screen as window. After user execute from the sele

How can I create a PNG or JPG screen capture or screenshot of the entire length of a long email message?

Hi all, I need to create screenshots of emails, but I need to image the entire length of those emails. Can I using Mail or any other email application? Here is what I have tried so far ... I can only do a screen capture of the portion of the email th

Capturing screen in Final Cut

Watching any and all tutorial style videos at Apple or of others, shows a full screen view of a Macbook Pro lets say and then they scroll in and out on the screen. I assume they are using the control + scroll wheel to accomplish this? Also, what kind

How to capture changed data at ALV screen

Hi ALV Experts, I am using Following method for ALV display :-   CALL METHOD g_alv_grid_0200->set_table_for_first_display     EXPORTING       i_bypassing_buffer            = 'X'       is_layout                          =       it_toolbar_excluding   

How to get a custom screen capture size smaller than my slide size

Hi, I'm trying to capture a fixed sized screen on my computer (a softphone) for use in a youtube hd size format training video. I can't seem to figure out how to customize the size of my screen capture so it fits only around the phone and leaves me b

"Blue Screen of Death" when trying to capture video!

Whenever I go to capture video, it immediately gives me a blue screen and the computer restarts.  I thought that installing Premiere (CS 4 trial) would allow me to use Premiere's capture capabilities, but I still got the same blue screen problem.  So

Blue screen of death, surprise restarts, and some captured clips distorted, with blocky artifacts!

Hello, I've been using my set-up (Premiere Pro 2.0* with Cineform AspectHD) successfully for years, to capture and edit footage. But just recently, my computer has given me the blue screen of death after capturing for about 5-10 minutes or caused my

Error Message When Importing Quicktime Screen Capture to FCE

As I said in the subject I'm having issues importing a Quicktime Screen Capture into Final Cut Express. I keep getting this message. File Error: 1 file(s) recognized, 0 access denied, 1 unknown I figure it has to be a quick fix for this simple proble

Since Firefox 6.0 copying images, by either Win 7 fxn or by screen capture fxn's, no longer works

-- At least, this is the way it seems... a letter I wrote first to the VMN Toobox staff (and to Firefox)... Hi VMN Staff/Inventor – and Hi to my favorite browser’s staff at Firefox, I must say that I really love your Screen Capture fxn for the VMN To