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Yahoo Widgets Not Functioning

Several months ago Yahoo Widgets malfunctioned on my Macbook Pro. When I activate it, the "gears" icon in the Desktop menu bar appears for a brief moment or two, then disappears. The app does not appear to be running as no widgets are visible no

Has anyone yet found a workable replacement for the Yahoo Widgets for iCal?

I was extremely happy using Konfabulator/Yahoo Widgets iCal Events widget, leaving it on my desktop so I could see my daily calendar and To-Do's without visiting any apps. But since Leopard, it doesn't work, and I've yet to find a workable alternativ

Table component crashes Yahoo Widget Engine

Experts, I've been diving into widgets recently, seem to have found a bug and was wondering if anyone else has encountered it or has found a solution. The steps to reproduce the error is as following: - Generate a kitchen sink widget from eclipse. -

Type Error: Yahoo.widget.overlay is not a constructor. Only get error in Firefox, and started this morning.

There was an automatic Windows update this morning. Since then, I get the error message "TypeError: Yahoo.widget.overlay is not a constructor" when I open up certain websites, such as ancestry.com. Other sites, such as Facebook, don't work at al

Yahoo Widgets Won't Run

Hello, I posted this in another group and have had no responses so I thought I'd try here. I downloaded the Yahoo Engine and several Yahoo widgets onto my MacBook but they won't run. The Engine installs but none of the widgets appear. I downloaded th

Installed Leopard - Yahoo Widgets no longer work

After not being able to launch widgets once Leopard was installed, I uninstalled the Widget engine and widgets. Went to Yahoo site to download latest engine. Download shows as "happening". As soon as it's at 100%, it "disappears" (no d

Itunes yahoo widget conflict

i upgraded to itunes 7.4 and have been having problems with it freezing after a couple of seconds. i have read other posts and deleted preference files and SC info file, which seemed to work. however on opening yahoo widgets itunes freezes again. i d

My Yahoo widget for dashboard

The "My Yahoo" widget on my dashboard has stopped working. In the purple bar that used to show "my latest headlines" it now just stays on "now loading". Also, my new mail is not indicated. The "search" to yahoo work

Will yahoo widgets work in mavericks?

Will Yahoo widgets work in Mavericks?http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yahoo!_Widgets Yahoo closed it down two years ago.Read other 3 answers

Blog on xMII and Yahoo Widgets

Hello People, I recently wrote a blog about using xMII services in Yahoo widgets. Link for the same : <a href="/people/abesh.bhattacharjee/blog/2006/12/19/harnessing-the-power-of-xmii-using-yahoo-widgets">Harnessing the power of xMII using

SAP - Yahoo Widgets

Hello Seniors, I am new to SAP - Yahoo Widgets and I want to know the basics and the other detailed information about creating SAP - Yahoo Widgets.  I want to create a widget based on the same. I want to know what all are the configurations that we n

I am getting this error: "Error: XML is larger than 128k" from a Yahoo Widget on my "My Yahoo" page.

It happens with the New York Times Todays News widget called "New York Times - Latest news and videos". == URL of affected sites == http://my.yahoo.comYep - saw this before with a previous FF update, then it was gone until 3.6.8 and now it's bac

How do I re-style the 'Menu' button in Yahoo! Menu Popup from the Widget Gallery by Zizzer Zazzer

Ive re-styled everything else by editing the CSS in the head of the doument, and in both CSS files. I dont find anywhere that this button is mentioned in any CSS. It is outside the OAWidget Div. This menu is using the Sam Skin. Here is the code: <!DO

Access denied: HTTP - Host Request with Widget Foundation + Yahoo

Hi, I have a problem with the new Yahoo widget engine's (4.5) suggested structure, when trying to execute an RFC request. An older version of my .kon file has a classic structure, and it works fine, I write the script into the .kon file, it looks lik

How Do I: Bind a YUI Calendar Widget to a Spry Master Detail Region?

Hello All, Does anyone know how to bind a YUI Calendar widget to a Spry master detail region? I have the dataset, yui calendar inserted but no clue how to bind the two so my dataset populates the calendar (Highlights dates that have a event) and when

How to integrate a Widget in SAP CRM Webclient UI Homepage?

Hello Experts, i´m new with CRM Webclient UI. Can somebody explain me how to integrate a widget in the Home - Page of SAP CRM Webclient UI?. Maybee one of you can recommend also a good widget for weather forecasting? Thank you. Best regards ManfredHa

SAP widget foundation doesn't start after installation

Experts, I'm trying to run the SAP Widget Foundation application as a stand-alone. I have installed the application using SAPWidgetFoundation.jar found through the following link (download package): https://www.sdn.sap.com/irj/scn/widget-foundation#s

Widget, Drag and Drop from palette not working.

Hi All, I am trying to create a Widget using Eclipse and SAP Widget Tool. I was working on a simple widget creation from a custom widget template. The drag and drop option from palette doesn't work in my eclipse even after SAP widget tool has been in

Urgent: No data while calling remote function in custom widget.

Hi, I created a function module with transaction se37 and in its attributes checked the 'Remote Enabled' radiobutton. Now in my widget I called this remote function in my RFC view. The data is not displayed in the widget and in debug mode error is di

Created widget is not entering in the SAP system.

I have created a simple widget to directly enter in the se38 transaction in SAP-ABAP.I have created 2 files. My tra.sap file contains---[System] Name="AD4" Client="100" [User] Name="in016508" Password="mandar" Langu