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Yamaha YSP-3050

What is the best way to hook this up to a Toshiba 40RF350U TV?  I am looking to just use it instead of the TV speakers.See if your TV has optical out. If so, use that.Read other 2 answers

Connecting Sony Subwoofer to Yamaha Surround Bar YSP3000

Hi , I have a Yamaha YSP 3000 surround bar and I bought a Sony Subwoofer. How can I connect the Surround bar with the Subwoofer?. The Sony Subwoofer is the one which comes with the HT-CT100 Sound bar. Any inputs on this will be greatly appreciable. T

How to set up an existing Yamaha N12 with a new iMac

Hi, I hope someone can help me. I just bought a Yamaha N12 mixer Dec 2009 last month and been trying it with my MacBook Pro. It's firmware has been updated to work with the Yamaha Steinberg FW driver, and it's been communicating fine with the my MacB

HT5437 connect apple tv to Yamaha receiver RX-A1010

Want to set up Apple TV to Yamaha Receiver RX-A1010 and to use URC Harmony MX980 IR remote.  No info available on Yamaha website or manual Anyone done this? Had Home theater set up by professionals - was hoping we could to this part ourselves.I just

Yamaha P80 keyboard to MacBook Pro

Hello all, I'm green to Mac and have little to no experience with them or Garageband. I have a Yamaha P-80 keyboard that has MIDI out and in and a host switch on it that has both 'MAC' and 'MIDI'. I'm using the "E-MU Systems Xmidi 1x1 Tab" to co

Yamaha Clavinova to Logic Studio... can it be pure n simple?

I play a Yamaha Clavinova CV409 - which is great for spontaneously writing tunes. I am running a MBP with Logic Studio (pre-latest), but I am not so familiar with this app yet. Yes, I can hook them up via USB and get them crudely talking to each othe

Using Yamaha AW2400 as control surface for Logic Pro 9

I am a freelance pro sound engineer currently working as tech support for a local school. They have a Yamaha AW2400 in their studio, something which I have never come across before despite using numerous Yammy desks. They also have a Mac running Lion

Yamaha Motif MO8... Help!

I have Yamaha Motif MO8, how do i connect to GB and use as MIDI Controller? I use M-Audio Keystation last time... and when i plug in, GB can detect.... I've install all the driver that i download from Yamaha. My current connection for motif are using

Connecting Laptop to Mixer

There seem to be several ways to connect my laptop (MacBook Pro) to my mixer (Yamaha MG166CXUSB) but I don't know which one would be best for just playing into my IEM's. Using the Search function I've read several suggestions for connecting the two i

Using TV for monitor of MBA wirelessly?

I was wondering if i could use a TV as a monitor wirelessly using the MBA? the tv is connected to a yamaha YSP-400 sound bar. is it possible to connect to a other monitor wirelessly at all? thanksI've seen at least one wireless monitor adapter, from

How to send price condition changes to external system

Hi all, By using trans: VK11/VK12 we may add and change pricing conditions for a particular condition type. We want to send to PI changes beeing made (for amount, date interval, e.t.c...). Our condition type is ZPRB, involving the following table to

Mac Mini to 5.1 surround

Hi, My grandad bought a Yamaha YSP-500 surround sound system that has 2 optical digital inputs. To connect the Mac Mini to this sound output I need an Optical Cable with Mini Optical Connector right? Like the Belkin one on Apple's site? Many thanks,

Changing External Patches

Hi there, Hopefully someone can help me! I've got a show coming up where I want to use my electric drum kit - what I'd really like to be able to do though, is set up a list of patches on Mainstage which loads the appropriate drum kit. My drum kit is

Reminder App always change back to: «Correct spelling automatically»

Hi all I'm from Switzerland and my english is not that good. Please have patience. I use Yosemite with an iMac late 2013. I hate the «correct spelling automatically» in all apps, so I always remove the hook on this option. Now it doesn't work with th

Involuntary program changes?

Suffered a crash (the multi-lingual "Your computer has crashed. Please hold down the power button..."). Now during playback my synth, apparently having grown bored of playing an acoustic bass, chooses random patches to play at random times in th

Memory upgrade on Lenovo 3000 j100 (product number: 8254-E6G)

First of all, sorry for my English (I'm trying to improve it) I run a Lenovo 3000 j100 Desktop with 1GB RAM with two modules of 512MB each one installed on the two slots that the mother board has. I want to upgrade that memory to 4GB, but I have some

Upgrading of 3000 N100's processor

Hi, I have a 3000 N100 (076859G) laptop and don't want to buy a new laptop at the moment since I still really enjoy this one. I have allrerady upgraded the hard disk which is now a 7200t/m HDD, 250 G and which works just very fine and fast. I have al

Help with getting GB to recognise Yamaha NP30 via Tascam US-122MKII?

I am using a midi OUT connection from my Yamaha NP30 keyboard to the midi IN of a Tascam US-122mkII interface. The Tascam is connected to my Mac via USB (port 1). Tascam software is installed correctly. When I open GB and select 'Piano' in 'New Proje

TS4124 I have around 1000 songs manually downloaded from my CD's to iTunes in my iPhone before an operating system change on my computer deleted my iTunes and had to create a new one.  The music won't transfer to my new iTunes!  How do I get it back?

I can't figure out how to get my music back onto a new iTunes from my iPhone.  I had to replace my iTunes after an update to my operating system on my MacBook Pro was reversed (found Mountain Lion to be incompatible with many existing programs and co

I have no idea how to transfer songs on my Yamaha PSR-E323 keyboard to my macbook. How do I go about that?

I purchased a Yamaha PSR-E323 61-key digital keyboard. I recorded some parts of songs out of the blue that I really like. I don't know what I was playing. It was just something that sounded good at the moment and im going to have to leave my keyboard