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How do I set the zoom at a particular level as the default to ensure pages are not too small and that i don't have to change the zoom for each page? in English

How do I set the zoom at a particular level as the default to ensure pages are not too small and that i don't have to change the zoom for each page? in English == This happened == Every time Firefox opened == From the beginningSome add-ons: Default F

IP Phone Service SDK Yellow Pages url error

I am trying out the sample ip phone services applications in the IP phone service SDK, the standalone ones seem to work fine, but most of the ones that connect to the internet such as the Yellow Pages Application and the Weather application give erro

Where can I download the Apple yellow pages widget?

I recently had my HD replaced and the yellow pages widget is now gone. I can't find it on the Apple Dashboard widgets web page either. Can someone tell me where I can get it? It was one of the most useful widgets I had.The "Business" Widget is p

How do I change the language in Pages from American English to Finnish?

How do I change the language in Pages from American English to Finnish? I know there's a bunch of languages behind Inspector, but no Finnish there. Can I download it from somewhere? This is an American machine and an American OS X Mountain Lion.http:

Best way to store info for Yellow Pages-type site?

I'm working on a site that is similar in concept to a "Yellow Pages"-type setup, where you have a bunch of business listings with each of them able to customize their own profile. Each business will be able to save standard things like its tel,

Verizon 411 Business Listing: White or Yellow pages?

Hi- This is first post and I hope I can get some help. I have started a new emergncey business and I want to get on the Verizon 411 National Database. Almost all of my calls would be first time customers because it is emergncy calls and people would

Access to Yellow Pages service from IP phone

Hi, Does anyone know of a Yellow Pages service that can be accessed from the XML browser on a 7941/7961 IP phone. I have a customer that wants to be able to find taxis, pizzas etc. from their phones. Any advice on how to do this is most welcome. I am

Yellow Pages on phone

I have been trying to find an IP phone service that would allow me to display and search the yellow pages database. Is there such a thing out there?I've been trying to do this too. Or enable 411 as a service from the phone.Read other 2 answers

Anybody have any experience working with full color Yellow Pages ads?

I designed a full color ad for our business in InDesign for the yellow pages. I send them a PDF and they send a proof back with a bunch of stuff screwed up. I talked to our rep and she sent me a PDF showing all the file requirements. First off, they

Yellow Pages and Traslator Widget Problems

Hi All, This is my first post and I moved over to the Mini about 6 weeks ago. I was wondering if anybody else is experiencing problems with widgets. Weather is working fine but neither the Translator or Yellow Pages is working. I'm based in London an

I have pages setup for english but all templets are in spanish

Hello everyone After trying to reset keyboard preferances and services I am not getting any solution. I have pages setup for english but all templets are in spanish. can anyone help to fix this problem? Thanks dsdYou mean this? Sociis mauris in integ

Yellow Pages Stopped working (widget)

I hope this isn't too far off topic but for some reason the "Yellow Pages" widget that came with my new iMac doesn't find anything. I worked great the first time I tried it. I downloaded another white pages and it seems to work. Anyone else havi

Online Yellow Pages Listing, Good?/Bad?

I'm sure some of you guys must also own some kind of business. I was wondering if any of you have tried advertising with any of the Internet Yellow Pages companies and if it got you much business? Most of mine has always been word of mouth and just a

I cannot see the maps (java) at the norwegian yellow pages, will there be a fix ?

All the maps at this yellow pages site does not show. Will there be a fix soon?I hate to say Me too but "ME TOO" .  The last update srewed up our phones and now the new update is out but Verizon wont give it to us...   Sprint got it last week!Re

Cannot write my search on the US Yellow pages website

In trying to access the US Yellow Pages, I can only open the website, but cannot write anything to locate address I am looking for. The rest of the website works fine, but the find and in bars cannot be written upon.That's a European Model so you hav

Widget yellow-pages not working....

Does anyone out there have this issue? All of a sudden, my yellow pages widget (something I use all the time) stopped working on my MACBOOK. It works fine on all my other G4s, G5s and dual intel machines; I don't know what to do... When I uninstall a

Canadian Yellow Pages Widget???

Hi all. I am trying to find a yellow pages widget (extremely convenient) that has listings for CANADA. The only one I can find on the Apple sites is the one that comes standard with Tiger and it does not have listings in Canada (from what I have trie

Displays pages in non-english

I have recently moved from the USA to the Philippines, but my Firefox 3.6.12 now gives me pages in TAGALOG the Philipine language instead of ENGLISH even english is selected as my default language. What is the fix for this?Some sites automatically re

Wiki pages in non-English

Sometimes I'll come across a page that has an English title (or seemingly English title) but is in a completely different language. I usually assume the page will be in English. Is that a reasonable assumption and should those pages be moved to Title

Loading pages with non-English language scripts (e.g., Arabic)

When I try to load a page that has non-English script, specifically Arabic, it just show's up as question marks or weird symbols. How do I get it to show the words but in Arabic or any other non-English script?Make sure that the correct encoding is s