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Default Encrypted  Password

Dear All, i want to insert encrypted Password of 'password' string into table user_dtl column PASSWORD . How can i insert Encripted password into table. ThanksHi Vedant, See the CUSTOM_HASH function that is installed with sample application in the AP

Installed adobe but password won't work to read on tablet

Installed reader and adobe on new tablet, but adobe password will not work to let me read. I reset Password but that doesn't helpA password protected PDF?  How did you reset it? What's the operating system on that tablet?Read other 2 answers

TS2446 My phone want let me download apps I put the password in then it's say billing options which tell me I have invalid security code

My phone want let me download any apps when I put the password in it take me to billing option which tell me I have the wrong security code and that's the security code that was on the card on the accountiTunes Store: My credit card's security code o

HT4623 MY i phone 5 wont let me download apps etc it just keeps asking for my apple id password?

Juat got my i phone 5 today and have opened an apple accout but it wont let me download apps etc just keeps asking for a password over and over again???Try This... Close All Open Apps... Sign Out of your Account...  Perform a Reset... Try again... Re

It seems when i try to login to Netflix it comes back with email id or password is incorrect (code 117), i can't find anything to fix this, help!!!

I've tried everything, reset, unplug, even have it connected via Ethernet, always the same outcome!  I can login on our iMac with no problem!Finally someone who found the solution. I've been searching for the answer for a while, some people suggest r

SRM 5.0 - how to change default password?

Hello, Am trying to install SRM 5.0 Oracle 10g as the DB. In the instllation doc of SRM 5.0 a default password is given to connect to the database and I see the encrypted password is in the jdbc properties. How can we change the default password? How

SSL private key password

Hello everyone, I'm trying to upgrade a WLS 6.1 SP2 with WLP 4.0 SP2 instance to WLS 7.0 SP2 with WLP 7.0 SP2. Everythng is fine except for that we cannot use the same SSL certificate. By defaul the private key is not encrypted with password (SSL.Key

RBACx Encrypted Password Change Utility

Hi all, In the OIA/SRM installation guide, there is a reference to a tool, to find out the password of rbacxservice. "Oracle Identity Analytics utilizes an encrypted password when communicating with the database. To change the default database passwo

ACS 5.3 Default Backup Password

When doing a backup on any of the ACS 5.x appliances by default the backup is encrypted with PGP. What password is used for that? Is it configurable?It is not configurable and that information wasnt made public. However, when you restore it should be

How to change the default JET (JumpStart) password

I am using JET (Jumpstart Enterprise Toolkit) to jumpstart my servers. The default password, boajrOmU7GFmY, is saved in a encrypted form in jumpstart.conf. I want to change it, how do I know the encrypted form of my new password? TomUsage: orapwd fil

Forgot password to access my Airport Time Capsule, can't restore Time Machine backup

It is stupid, I know, but after the first time I setup Time Machine in my Airport Time Capsule (6 months ago) i never had to use the password because it stayed stored in my Keychain. Anyway, couple days ago I had to format the hard drive of my MacBoo

Does iTunes have a default password for initial encrypted backups?

I have an iPhone that was connected to iTunes for the first time today.  It is a company device and IT has set a policy to require backups to be encrypted. When I first plugged the phone in, iTunes automatically did a backup as it had never seen the

How to sign in?  (problem with username and/or password)

I created an account long ago for the Support Communities with an Apple ID:  xxx.mac.com. I created an account not so long ago for iTunes with an Apple ID:  xxx.gmail.com. Where they suppost to be the same?  Wasn't sure.  In any event, I've been usin

Got my password wrong twice and my mini is disable. I connected to iTunes, but can't get it to work. Can some one guide my through?

got my password wrong twice and my mini is disable. I connected to iTunes, but can't get it to work. Can some one guide my through?If it's showing the red disabled screen due to incorrect passcodes then you may need to put the iPad into recovery mode

I am locked out of IMAP for want of a password and I don't know what password is required.

I had an unauthorized attempt to login to my Gmail account which was blocked. Gmail wanted me to change my Google password, which I did. Gmail now works fine, but Thunderbird now asks for: "Enter your password for -- [email protected]@imap.gmail.com:

Brand New MacB Air and i haven't been able to get passed the format which has had to be done twice because, I have a French Numeric Keyboard and Language in English.  The minute I type in my password, the keyboard gives me letters that i did NOT type.

I live in Switzerland and can only buy a Mac Air with a French or German keyboard, no chance to buy an English keyboard Mac here,.  When setting up  I chose the French numerique keyboard, although there are two choices French or French numerique.  I

Excel Download of a Web SAP BW Report asks userid and password.please help

Dear BW folks, Issue: When I run a specific SAP BW Report from Web and download the same into excel & csv. When I open the excel file downloaded, it asks me user name and password to enter. csv file downloaded doesn't ask. The report has 0cust_sales

How can I protect my data in numbers from unintentional user of my iPad by other family members? In other words, how can I password protect my numbers and other apps from apple computer company?

I have other members of my family use my iPad for educational/recreational use, young children who may want to play kid games. I don't want them to accdently get into my data stored in the three business apps from apple. I would like to password prot

Apparently I have MULTIPLE Apple ID's, many linked to very old computers/emails that I no longer use and I have no clue what they are nor what the passwords could possibly be. I just want to be able to listen to music THAT I OWN!

I am trying to play music on my iTunes that I had burned from either CD's that I had bought & own (in order to preserve the CD from damage and it is all only for my personal use) or purchased through iTunes. Much, but not all of this was done on an o

2 iphone 5 accidently with the same Apple Id and password, for i cloud.  How do I change one of them ?

My wife up graded her I phone to an I phone 5 and I just recently got a new Iphone 5 .  when I put my apple ID into icloud I used my email address as my ID and one of my passwords.  What I did not know is that my wife used my email and the same passw