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Using Flash player even though YouTube HTML5 video player is enabled

I'm in YouTube HTML5 video player beta program (http://youtube.com/html5), but even with it being enabled, every time I play a YouTube video it's still using Flash player.try adding '''&html5=True''' to the end of the URLRead other 2 answers

Youtube HTML5 3D Upload/playback issues with FF

I have a finished a sample video in Cyberlink PowerDirector 11 using stereoscopic 3D. I rendered the video in two separate runs as both an MPEG4 AVC and H.264 AVC formats at 1920x1080 resolution using SBS Half Width "squished" L/R. I have an Asu

HTML5 media such as HTML5-enabled YouTube and the Ingress Intel page causes Firefox to crash my nVidia driver.

I've began to notice that HTML5 media causes strange issues with my graphics drivers. Watching HTML5 videos on YouTube or browsing the Ingress Intel page causes Firefox to lock up after a period of a few minutes, though I can still hear audio and use

[Solved] After watching several youtube html5 720p videos, Firefox (version 33) display or screen turns black and aero transparency in windows 7 turns opaque.

Hello ! I just want to share something familiar with that black display or screen occurs for some people. When I watch youtube videos, I used to watch them in html5 720p videos (not flash videos, https://www.youtube.com/html5 ). I upgraded firefox to

How to fix YouTube HTML5 playback?

All I want is to have 1080p available for YouTube with HTML5. The only way to achieve this I know of is enabling MSE (media source extensions). Enabling the required option [1] leads to stalled playback of videos. They don't play. Sometimes they do b

So youtube html5 vidoes don't show resolutions over 720p anymore for some reason, even though yesterday i could watch 1080p 60fps just fine. Anyone know why?

Title pretty mutch sums it up. At youtube's html5 page Media source extensions and MSE & H.264 are not checked even though they were prior to this day(or atleast one of them was. My short term memory sucks). Now its back to having only 360p and 720p

Youtube HTML5 stopped working with version 37

With this update, a lot of the youtubevideos i watch broke. it just sits there buffering. I found a solution though.. If you type about:config into your adressfield, you get access to a lot of firefox settings. Find the value media.mediasource.enable

Safari 5.1.2 Youtube HTML5-Video issues

Fullscreen-Button on Youtube doesn't work for HTML5 videos on Youtube in Safari. Also there are problems with the video performance. The process QTKitServer Safari Webcontent has 105% CPU, the whole MacBook is very slow in that moment. This is only a

Safety mode on YouTube is enabled and no matter what I do I can't get it to turn off, only on this browser. Please explain to me how to fix this.

None of the other threads on this topic were able to fix my issue. This wasn't happening until a few days ago when it notified me that I couldn't view a video because safety mode was apparently enabled, so I scrolled down and clicked 'off' (about 50

Youtube HTML5 fails to load in Safari 5, or 4.0.5

All I get is the spinning HTML5 whirly thing for Youtube's HTML5 videos (although Apple's demo HTML5 page loads without problem). I have no such problems in Chrome or Firefox. I also previously had the same issue in Safari 4.0.5. With Safari 5 I have

YouTube HTML5 WebM playback seems broken in Firefox 4 Beta 7 and the current Firefox 4 nightlies

WebM playback on YouTube via the HTML5 player seems broken at present in Firefox 4 Beta 7 and the current Firefox 4 nightlies. I have beta 7 install on Win32 and Minefield on Linux x86-64, both without Flash installed and both have joined the HTML5 t

Graphical glitches in YouTube HTML5 player

When I've been playing YouTube videos lately, I've noticed that a bunch of black boxes have been appearing over the player interface (The controls below the video) while the video is playing. Unfortunately, I can't provide a good screenshot, as the b

TMG - Block Youtube - HTML5

Dear all. I want to block youtube with TMG 2010 I try with url name youtube.com/* or  *.youtube.com  or  youtube.com:443  or  youtube.com:443/*  or  *.youtube.*  I aslo add content fliter video/mp4 video/x-flv video/x-ms-asf and stop Flash player app

Youtube html5 video stops loading at one point when watching video with 720p

when i change 360p to 720p its pretty often when Dube stops loading video, in the middle or near the end, its random, but i notice it when video stops playing like when u pause it & sometimes i need to reload page 2-4times before i can finish watchin

Firefox doesn't scale YouTube HTML5 videos

It started recently. Most probably after the recent update to 37.0. What's most weird is that when I disable ALL extensions it doesn't help but when I start Firefox via troubleshooting >> without addons... videos scale correctly. NOTE: I use the 125

YouTube HTML5 videos are choppy in Windows 10

Disabling hardware acceleration addresses the issue. Does not repro if I play them in IE or Chrome on the same machine.It makes sense for Mozilla to invest some time in an OS that many millions of people will be upgrading to, albeit I can understand

Why can't I enable flash in IE 9-but ok in firefox

I am able to watch you tube videos with adobe flash in Firefox 27.0, but I do not want to use Firefox - I prefer IE9,10 or 11 and use that browser on my other PCs.  I have set this Win 7 Pro 32 bit side-by-side with another PC that is running Win 7 U

I am suddenly not able to play any media, such as youtube or games

I am suddenly unable to play any media, such as Youtube or catchup tv. When I try I just get a black screen on Youtube or anyother videolinks. I had noticed some quick little screen flashes, but everything had played fine just the night before.Sites

Enabling Flash Player in Internet Explorer

If you're having problems viewing Flash content on the Web using Internet Explorer 9 or higher, even though you're sure Flash Player is installed, it may be because the Flash Player Add-on has been disabled (turned off) in your browser settings. To e

Youtube "an error occurred, please try again later."

I keep getting the message on youtube "an error occurred, please try again later."  I've tried all of the recommended solutions to no avail.  The funny thing is, the advertisements play just fine, but the actual video won't.  Any ideas?Most YouT