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[Solved] After watching several youtube html5 720p videos, Firefox (version 33) display or screen turns black and aero transparency in windows 7 turns opaque.

Hello ! I just want to share something familiar with that black display or screen occurs for some people. When I watch youtube videos, I used to watch them in html5 720p videos (not flash videos, https://www.youtube.com/html5 ). I upgraded firefox to

Safari 5.1.2 Youtube HTML5-Video issues

Fullscreen-Button on Youtube doesn't work for HTML5 videos on Youtube in Safari. Also there are problems with the video performance. The process QTKitServer Safari Webcontent has 105% CPU, the whole MacBook is very slow in that moment. This is only a

Safety mode on YouTube is enabled and no matter what I do I can't get it to turn off, only on this browser. Please explain to me how to fix this.

None of the other threads on this topic were able to fix my issue. This wasn't happening until a few days ago when it notified me that I couldn't view a video because safety mode was apparently enabled, so I scrolled down and clicked 'off' (about 50

Why can't I enable flash in IE 9-but ok in firefox

I am able to watch you tube videos with adobe flash in Firefox 27.0, but I do not want to use Firefox - I prefer IE9,10 or 11 and use that browser on my other PCs.  I have set this Win 7 Pro 32 bit side-by-side with another PC that is running Win 7 U