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Master Data Hierarchy to Flat file Z_SAP_HIERARCHY_DOWNLOAD

Hello Experts, I am planning to use Z_SAP_HIERARCHY_DOWNLOAD program to download hierarchy data into flatfile. Before that I have a question 1) Is it only used for Sorted and Time Dependent Hierarchies or for any Hierarchy? If we can use it to any hi

Downloaded my hierarchy using the program z_sap_hierarchy_download

hi I want download downloaded my hierarchy using the program z_sap_hierarchy_download but I have any problem when I using idoc method, I have this message: Node [00001350, 00001580]: Leaf 'E010000000' already exists as child of node 00001501 Best reg


Hi, What is the default directory on BW server where the program Z_SAP_HIERARCHY_DOWNLOAD will store file when executed as a background job? Thank you, samHi Sam, Since this is a custom program (starts with Z), one will need to find out by looking at


Hello, I need to use this coding but can't dowload it from the How to paper? Could somebody copy and paste it into a reply message? Thanks, NathalieHello This is the entire code SAP Consulting BW Tools: Download hierarchy into a flat file. The file h


I ran this program to load a hierarchy from Dev to QA.  The program ran fine and completed successfully.   The flat loads successfully into the QA system.  However, the text nodes are missing in the uploaded hierarchy.   The hierarchy nodes have been

Downloading a Hierarchy to a Flat File

Hello BW Gurus, I want to transfer a hierarchy from the BW Dev environment to the the QA environment.  I went to SE38 and located the program Z_SAP_Hierarchy_download.  I created the file and received a "successful" message.  I am able to load t

Flat File Hierarchy Datasources

We are creating several flat file hierarchy datasources. The datasources will be maintained in an external database. I am familiar with the creation of flat file datasources for master and transactional data, but don't have good documentation for how

Output file from ABAP program

I am using the program Z_SAP_HIERARCHY_DOWNLOAD to output a hierarchy in BW to a specified drive. It works fine when I go to SE38 and run it. However, when I run it from a process chain, it doesn't output the file. How can I generate the output file

Hierarchy download and upload

Hi experts, i want to download hierarchies from production bw to development bw. pls explain me the procedure how to do. as i understand hierarchies will be in the r/3 system. then how do i download them and upload them to the required box in bw. is

Loading customer hierachy from flat file

Hello Friends, I have a requirement to load time dependent customer hierarchy, to be used in BEx reports. I have gone most of the threads in the forums about 0cust_sales and 0customer. The table that is updated in ECC is KNVH. As we cannot map the da

Extract hierarchies in background

I am using Z_SAP_HIERARCHY_DOWNLOAD to extract hierarchies to use in a third party application. I would like to run this program as part of a process chain (together with running some InfoSpokes), however this program cannot run in the background as

Open Hub Destination - Hierarchies

Hi all,    We have a Open Hub that is based on the InfoCube FGL_CIFRS ie FGL Transaction Figures.We are exporting the Infocube data on to a Flat File . This Cube is built on Infoobjects like 0GL_ACCOUNT, 0PROFIT_CTR etc.    We also have Individual Hi

How to load 3.x hierarchy data source from a certain level ?

Hi all, I have an old 3.x hierarchy data souce which has a structure like below : Level 0 :  root node               Level 1:  Product Category                   Level 2: Product Line                       Level 3: Product                           L

How to extract Hierarchical Master data into flatfile

Hello Experts, I have a requirement to extract Master data (Texts, Attr, Hierarchies)  of all Info Objects pertaining to a given Infocube ( say BoxA) I am aware that I can manually dump the data / use infospoke to get data into flatfile without hassl

Two Hierarchy issue

Hi, we have material hierarchy(026), which is loaded from R/3 daily. We have created copy this hierarchy(z26) and changed some nodes for reporting purpose only. Both hierarchy are active. we are using BW 3.5. Now when new node is created in basic hie

Re-loading Hierarchy

Hi people!, Please, I tried to load the same hierarchy (with some changes) to the production system from development system by the program: Z_SAP_HIERARCHY_DOWNLOAD. I erased the hierarchy in the production system and the infopackage too, but when I

0MAT_SALES_LPRH_HIER - without Leaves

Hi, I am looking to load the above hierarchy but without the leaves (0Mat_Sales). I have a few OSS notes on it but all load the leaves - has anyone loaded this without the leaves? If so, could you advise? Thanks ScottInteresting Question.....I never