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Zip File Error Message


"Unable to Check Out File Error" Message

I'm new to using Adobe products, so forgive me if this is a dumb question! My graphic designer sent me a INDD file to edit the text in and when I try to open it in both InDesign and InCopy, I receive an "Unable to Check Out this File" error mess

Cannot locate original music file error message???

cannot locate original music file error message ??? i transferred to a new laptop then some of my music collection seems to get this message .This happens if the file is no longer where iTunes expects to find it. Possible causes are that you or some

Can't open file , error message 1310 & 2203

can't open file , error message 1310 & 2203reproduce is easy. anytime i click to open an attachment or a pdf file. it won't open.  comes up with notice that adobe acrobat has stopped working and the program will close.  I can go to READER AND OPEN TH

Quick time 'this is not a movie file' error message

PLEASE HELP! i've recently downloaded some movies off the internet (.avi files) and although all have originally opened and played in quicktime, i am now getting 'this is not a movie file' error messages for all of them. I've had this before and rest

Couldn't Save File - Error Message

Recently after adding a few more pages and updating some existing pages on my site, I have been met with an error saying I cannot save my website using the save function of iWeb, I receive the "Couldn't Save File" error message, however it doesn

I do not have Microsoft office and to know if I can still open docx files - error message reads corrupt files.  Is there a reliable converter out there?

I do not have Microsoft office and want to know if I can still open docx files - error message reads corrupt files.  Is there a reliable converter out there?  I am a new mac user.Install the free LibreOffice and save a bundle not having to pay MS. ht

"Preview not available for this file" error message.

I'm using LR 4.4 but it hasn't worked correctly since I got my new camera (Canon 70D). When trying to import I keep getting the "Preview not available for this file" error message. I had some better luck connecting the camera with a usb cable, t

Thumbnails appear but missing file error message if try to open

PSE worked fine for 2 months, when downloading to Shutterfly organizer crashed. uninstalled and reinstalled-problem persisted. Set up new user/administrator and organizer would open but with "missing file error message" if tried to open thumbnai

Unrecognised File error message

I have a clip shot on a sony AVHCD camcorder. It was shot using a h.264 codec and I want to edit in FCE. I've converted the clip using quicktime pro 7 to DV-PAL. The clip plays fine on my imac but when i attempt to import to final cut i get an "unrec

How do i fix or avoid a corrupted file error message

i get an corrupted file error message when i try to send a video from photoshop elements 5.0 to adobe premiere elements 3.0. video plays in photoshop but wont transfer, by photoshop, disc or file. cants get anything into premiere elements. help? lynd

Unable to unarchive ZIP file Error - 1

Every time I try to archive a ZIP file, i get the message "Unable to archive (Error - 1)" How can I fix this?I have to agree, the most likely scenario is a bad file. As I mentioned earlier, I don't think there are any Mac utilities for attemptin

"Extraction Failed: Cannot Open Output File" error message when installing new drivers

Hello, I'm trying to install new drivers for my HP Photosmart C4385 Printer.  I downloaded the full feature drivers for Windows XP 32-bit, and when I start to install (extract), I get the error message: Extraction Failed Cannot Open Output File And t

"Unable to open project file" Error Message

I pulled an all-nighter (13 hours of editing) last night to create a critical project in FCE 3.5.1 on my Intel iMac running 10.4.11 then left this afternoon for a few hours and shut down my machine. Came back tonight and tried to open the project (wh

End-of-file error message in a template

I am receiving the following error message as I try to update a template. "There is an error at line 561, column 1 (absolute position 37746)...and then it give the file on my local server. This is the page with the difficulty that uses the template.

Can't consolidate files- error message 69

I am trying to back up my iTunes file to a hard drive. While consolidating, I repeatedly receive the error message :copying music failed. an unknown error occurred. It consolidates most of my music, but keeps stopping at random songs. Can anyone help

"end of file" error message

I keep trying to open an adobe encore project. However when I try to open it, I keep getting the error message "end of file".  I then press "OK" and it just closes encore and gives me no other options to open the project.  Can anyone t

Script Alert: "Sorry I could not process the following files" (Error Message using Image Processor)

I'm a seasoned Photoshop/Bridge CS5 user who recently upgraded to CS6.  In Bridge I just ran my first Image Processor batch, trying to convert a set of RAW .NEF files to .PSD files with a basic editing action I created applied to them.  Photoshop CS6

Cannot open file error message

Whenever I go to open a PDF file for university I cannot open it, it comes up with an error message of opening Adobe Acrobat and accepting the End user license agreement?Do exactly what the message says: open Adobe Reader (as a separate application,

Media file error message trying to play files from WDMycloud on ipad

I am using a WDMyCloud networked hard drive to provide cloud backup for my Windows PCs. This backup includes my Itunes music library Using the WDMyCloud app on my iPad(or iPhone) I can see the library is succesfully backed up onto WDMy Cloud and can

Ibooks author how to fix missing file error message

I have cut and pasted many jpg images into my iBook in iBooks Author.  All the pictures appear to be displayed but whenever I open the iba file I get many error messages saying that many of the files are missing.   How do I diagnose and fix this issu