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Zsh alias question [solved (sort of)]

In my .zshrc, I have this line: source /path/to/aliases_file . The aliases file contains the line alias -- -=popd . When I log in or create a new urxvt window, I get the message: /path/to/aliases_file:1: bad option: -= But if I run exactly the same c

How to pass any type of objects into Portal's rules engine?

Is that possible to pass any type of objects into Portal's rules engine? Or BEA's Portal service rules engine can only allow to pass a limited number of objects? Are there any information about BEA's rules engine? and Can we use its rules engine with

Different Environment Variable in OS and Solman

Hi dear experts, I have a weird question here. I set the environment variable in the OS as blew: smsp:smpadm 52> echo $PATH /sybase/SMP/ASE-15_0/jobscheduler/bin:/sybase/SMP/ASE-15_0/bin:/sybase/SMP/ASE-15_0/install:/sybase/SMP/DBISQL/bin:/sybase/SMP

Where is sun.security.tools.KeyTool

I have read that I can only create certificates using the Keytool. However, I would like to present my users with a GUI where they can enter their details (similar to the ones that the Keytool asks), and once they press OK, my application will create

[SOLVED] Using arguments in Bash Alias

Hi all! I'm not very well-versed in the  art of bash scripting or anything and I am having some trouble doing an alias that uses two arguments. My case: My command: "openssl aes-256-cbc -a -salt -in a.txt -out a.txt.aes" What I wanted to do was

Alias with an argument?

I want to make an alias rmall for removing everything within a directory... I may be blatantly wrong, but i think the command for that is: rm -d -R folder/* && rmdir folder so i'd like to make an alias for rmall folder Can i do this in the .bashrc

[SOLVED]ZSH and regular expressions

Hi I am getting into regular expressions and i have noticed that with my .zshrc file i have some problem. In bash this expression works: \^\[^#] but not also in zsh. I have also noted that regular expression works fine with other zshrc configurations

Bash completion of alias

I have the following lines in my .bashrc: alias y='yaourt' alias yq='y -Q' complete -o filenames -F _yaourt y This allows me to do bash completion with just 'y -Q' or 'y' followed by any argument. However, I'm trying to get completion to work when I

Zsh/urxvt terminal title? [SOLVED!]

I'm using urxvt(c) as my terminal emulator, and my shell is zsh. What do I need to add to my .zshrc to set the title to the current command (plus arguments) when a command is run, and back to 'urxvt' when it finishes? The solution in this thread didn

We haven't had a zsh geek fest in awhile

I've been trying to improve the monster that Gary inspired me to help create. The latest beta version is available. I've changed (and hopefully improved) the following: 1. There is now a GUI configuration available to new users, to tweak settings. 2.

Same machine, different versions of zsh?

Why would my login account for zsh show: Initializing zsh version number 4.1.1 but if I sudo zsh I get: Initializing zsh version number 4.2.5 (I have an admin account, but not root) Much thanks, Kyle<pre> whence [ -vcwfpams ] name ... For each name,

[SOLVED]Oh-my-zsh themes not loading

[ edit] So the solution was to remove the grml-zsh-config package, and reboot(sourcing the .zshrc for some reason didn't make any difference). [/ edit ] Hello, I don't know if this is the best section to post this question but this isn't necessarily

Why Do we need to go for Alias? What are the Different uses of Aliases?

Hello Everybody? I wanted to know the uses of aliases in RPD level. I do know some points like they will be used as a duplicate copy for the base tables and they will be used to remove the circular joins, otherthan this can anybody please give me a b

[SOLVED] zsh config (.zshrc) no longer working for root.

Hi, I must've done something stupid a while ago, cause whenever I sudo -s to get some root privilages it seems .zshrc is not read. Prompt is default and aliases don't work. Here's my .zshrc, just in case.  I'm quite sure it's okay. # OPTIONS FOR ZSH

Keystore config error: keystore entry alias is not specified

Hi all, I have been using the java keytool to genkey, do certreq and import the signed cert so far. I am now at the stage of using WebLogic admin console to configure the keystore to use this keystore. I am using WLS9.0. At the Keystore Config page,

Duplicate Alias for Application (BUG?)

We have noticed that APEX (v3.0.1) allows you to have multiple applications with the same application alias's has anyone else discovered this? In FLOWS_03000 I cannot see any unique constraint for alias. Might be a issue as different application id's

Coloring Zsh

I have a lot of questions about coloring zsh. I've read a LOT about coloring zsh and simply can't grasp some of the concepts. Here is my current ~/.zshrc: # Lines configured by zsh-newuser-install HISTFILE=~/.histfile HISTSIZE=1000 SAVEHIST=1000 seto

Page Alias

Several best practice articles refer to using page aliases rather than page numbers for navigation. Obviously, using mnemonic names rather than arbitrary page numbers makes creating branches easier since the names are easier to remember. The articles

OIM 11g x Remote Manager x Exchange x VBScripts arguments

Hello, We have OIM 11gR1 on Linux and the conectorsMSFT_AD_Base_9. and MSFT_Exchange_9. The shell used to create Mailbox is the 2007 one (CreateMailboxExchange2007.vbs). In that script there are 3 arguments being received Set args = WS

Too Many Arguments

I upgraded my application server to My DB is My application is developed using web tool kit and deployed in mod_plsql. On a page i see the error "Too many arguments passed in. Got 5103. Upper limit is 2000" Can anyone help m