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"safari iOS"  "download linked file"

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Hi all,
I'm the proud owner of a new iPad. One of the websites that I visit regularly allows users to "download linked file"
I can do this perfectly happily on my desktop PC with MS Internet Explorer, but I just can't see how to do this with iOS and Safari.
Can anyone enlighten me, please?
Thanking you, in advance.
The best answer: Jaytonuk wrote:
Many thanks to those who have replied to my query.
What I should have mentioned is that the files whic I was trying to access/download are in MP4 format and will play on the iPad.
Again, my thanks for any help which you may be able to offer.
In that case, you may need an app for playing music files other than the standard music app. I know there are some specifically geared to downloading music files, but have no firsthand experience with them.