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Samsung Smart TV Remote and Standby Mode

Hi All - A few months ago I got a Samsung Smart TV that came with a pretty nice remote. It really can control almost all aspects of the FiOS service, but there are a few commands I cannot figure out how to get it to send to the FiOS STB. 
First off, when I power on the TV, the STB is still in Stanby mode. It asks for me to "Press Menu to Watch ...". I cannot figure out how to get the Samsung remote to send that command or to disable standby mode on the STB. There is no menu button on this remote that's not TV-specific. 
Second, I can't figure out how to bring up the full guide using the remote. By pressing the "up" direction on the four-way button, I get some smaller version of a guide, but I would prefer to see the standard full screen guide. 
Finally, is there a way to get to the On Demand and DVR menus using the Samsung remote? 
Anway, that's the the scoop. Most other featuers (DVR, etc) work pretty well. 
The remote I'm using is a RMCTPF1AP1 and the STB is running version 1.9.7 and build 19.45. It's a QIP7232. 
Thanks in advance for any guidance on getting this working. 
The best answer: I'm not sure if you are turning the STB off or if the idle timer is doing it.
No reason to turn the STB off as it doesn't save any energy.
So leaving it on would alleviate one issue.
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