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Ship.condition 01 loading grp 0003 plant MCP1 StLoc not defined Message no.

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Dear all
Why I am getting this message when i try to add shipping point at item level in Quotation "Ship.condition 01 loading grp 0003 plant MCP1 StLoc not defined Message no.V1358"
Kindly help me to resolve this error.
Thanks and Regards
M.Dheerendar Jain
The best answer: Hi
check the following
Check your shipping conditions in sales order header shipping tab + loading group in material master + plant in sales order,
verify the same in OVL2, whether its mainatined or not.
1. Shipping condition maintain in Sold to party of ur customer master,
2. Loading group should be maitained for perticular Sales area and plant in Material Master for Sales: General/Plant Data.
3. Plant should be available in sales order
IMG -> Logistics Execution -> Shipping -> Basic shipping functions -> Shipping point and Goos receiving point determination -> Assign Shipping Points.In that determine the storage location, loading group, plant, proposed shipping point and manual shipping point.
Combination of Shipping Point Determination=
Loading Group - (1-Material Master Record)
Shipping COnditions (1- Sales doc type , 2- Customer Master Data - Sold to Party)
Delivering Plant - (1-Customer Material Info record , 2- Customer Master Record & 3-material master record)
If you have done Copy of existing Shipping Point & renamed it. Then all the shippig Point determination Combinations will be copied.
If not, then you need to maintain manually in Shipping point determination customization