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Shipping Condition Change in Delivery

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Can forum members tell me if I could change the shipping conditions in the delivery? I know there are couple of OSS Notes available which can be applied to activate the shipping condition field but I do not want to do that. My requirement is that I want to activate the shipping condition field which is in the shipment tab of delivery header. There should be no link of this field with Shipping Point or Route. Please let me know if there is any user exit available where we can write something to activate the field.
Thanks in advance for your help.
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The best answer: Hi
You cannot edit the shipping condition in the delivery as it is coped from the preceding document which is sales order.
When you do an F1 help on the shipping condition tab, this is the info you get:
If a shipping condition has been assigned to a sales document type in Customizing, this condition will be proposed by the system in the corresponding sales document. If there is no assignment, the system copies the relevant data from the corresponding customer master record of the sold-to party. You cannot change this value during delivery processing. The shipping condition will not be copied from the delivery into the shipment. The shipping condition is one of several criteria for selecting deliveries when you create a shipment. You can enter a shipping condition manually in the shipment where it only serves as a characteristic for grouping shipments.