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Shipping condition in the billing document

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Dear SD gurus,
I saw that the shipping condition is changed on the cross company PO and it's cpied to the delivery document but the system does not copy it to the billig header.I think it's standart but I am not sure if it's OK or not? Why does the system does not copy it and redetermşnes the shipping condition based on the sold to master data again?
In other side, the shipping condiiton is changed on the sales order and the system copies it to the delivery and later to the billing document successfully.
What is this difference coming from?
The best answer: Yes as like sale order process where system will copy the shipping condition from sale order to billing, it will not happen in case of STO.  In fact, shipping condition will not copy from delivery to billing in both these cases (sale order and STO).
G. Lakshmipathi