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Shipping condition mapping during Order load

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Hi Experts,
                  I have two SAP systems A and B.
1. PO is created in A and sends over that to B.
2. It is required to pass shipping condition(VBAK-VSBED) from A to B. But shipping conditions used in System A are diff than B. so system B has to interpret A's shipping conditions.
3. Currently A is not passing shipping condition.
4. It is a ALE interface.
Here is my questions.
1.  Which program/FM is required to be modified in System A?
2. Which program is required to modified in System B?
I have got confused with programs/FM's used to create IDOC's and Orders in the system, Can you throw some light on that as well?
Thank you
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The best answer: Hi Anu,
I don't know what you support package level is but in the past the problem has happened due to the
errors described  in the notes 1080181 and 1041284. If these notes were not applied in your
system please apply them and check if the problem still exists with a new data load
Des Gallagher.