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Shipping condition

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hi guys,,
                                 I have created a sales oder with 5 line items and for all these 5 line items  route is determined and is same for all .  NOW can i change the shipping copndition for one line item so that i have different route assigned to based on that shp.condition.. if so please give the steps to do it.
The best answer: Dear Jagdish,
I do not agree with the other members who are suggesting that shipping conditions has no role to play in route determination.
You cannot change shipping conditions at Item level.
As far as my understanding goes. Route is determined as follows:
Route determination-automatic
Departure Zone of Shipping point + Shipping condition(sold to party) + Transportation Group(material master data) + Transportation Zone/Receiving Zone of Ship to party = Route
Now it is possible for you to have different route determined based on transportation zone which comes from Mat Masrer.
If you cannot change Trans Grp in Mat Mast only for one customer then the best possible way is to use customer Exit.
Please use Enhancement "0VRF0001" ( customer specific route determination in Sales Order), Check documentation in trxn "SMOD"
Funuction Exit " EXIT_SAPL0VRF_00" take a help from ABAPer for the same. 
Once you will have different routes determined in the sales Order for different items, system will create a separate delivery due to splitting criteria in copying control, for the item with different route.
Hope it helps to resolve your problem.
Revert back if you need further details
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Paresh Kolte