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Shipping conditions in Contracts not copied over to sales order w/ref

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In standard SAP the shipping conditions are pulled in from the Sold-to party's customer master unless the shipping conditions are hard coded in the sales order type, in which case they overrule the shipping conditions of the sold-to.
A client enters contracts (CQ) with their customers and creates sales orders with reference to these contracts. The shipping conditions within these contracts are different from those on the Sold-to master record. The client wants the shipping conditions from the contract to flow through to the sales orders created with reference to the contract (instead of the system currently getting them from the sold-to). I do not believe this is standard functionality but I want to be absolutely sure before I respond to the client and tell them that we will have to create a custom routine in copy control to achieve this from the contract.
Other than tweaking copy control routines is there any way the system can be configured so that the shipping conditions from the Contract (CQ) header get pulled in when a sales order is created with reference to the CQ contract?
Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
The best answer: Hi,
Whatever be the shipping conditions in contracts that can be flow to sales order,
Please check your input, if you mentioned in sales document then remove from there - VOV8
Also check in copy controll - VTAA
CQ  to OR  at header level
Copy requirement - 001
Tickmark to complete refrance