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Splitting string separated by commas into words and assigning numerical values

Project details :
I have a project where a description field is being looked at and based on the values (multiple words) I have to do a vlookup from another spreadsheet to get the dates from the appropriate date fields.
I have created a user defined function to extract keywords from a list from a table. It extracts words from the string separated by comma delimiter.
    I am thinking of assigning values something like this: cooler = 1, compressor = 2, frame = 2, change of order = b etc.
    So if there is a “cooler, compressor, frame, change of order” in the cell, then it should read as: b12 (unique values). Based on the values, I can do a vlookup on the dates. I tried sumproduct in conjuction with search function but did not
work. Tried split function but did not quite work.
Any help regarding this is greatly appreciated. Thank you, regards
engine, compressor, frame, cooler     =Keywords(Wordlist,A2) is the function I am calling
frame, cooler
engine, cooler, change order
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You're asking this question in the wrong forum, this is a PowerShell forum.
The Excel VBA forum is this way:
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