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ST04 Database Options

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Running SQL 2005 X64, ECC 6.0 
Recent upgrade from 32 bit 4.6c/sql 2000 and install on new hardware
ST04->Detail Analysis Menu->SQL Server Parameters->Database Options
Error message “No parameters found”
Please help.
The best answer: May be a permission issue with the new schema. Here's the output you were looking for. Server names changed.
B Mon Jul 23 10:06:34 2007
B  create_con (con_name=+DBO+0000)
B  New connection 1 created
B  Connect to +DBO+0000 as  with MSSQL_SERVER=DBserver MSSQL_DBNAME=PRD OBJECT_SOURCE=dbo
C  Thread ID:3956
C  dbmssslib.dll patch info
C    patchlevel   0
C    patchno      72
C    patchcomment MSSQL: Thread check in DbSlDisconnect (969143)
C  Network connection used from Appserver to DBserver using tcp:DBserver
C  Connected to db server : [DBserver] server_used : [tcp:DBserver], dbname: PRD, dbuser: dbo
C  pn_id:DBserver_PRD_PRD
B  Connection 1 opened (DBSL handle 1)
B  Wp  Hdl ConName          ConId     ConState     TX  PRM RCT TIM MAX OPT Date     Time   DBHost         
B  000 000 R/3              000000000 ACTIVE       NO  YES NO  000 255 255 20070721 142519 DBserver        
B  000 001 +DBO+0000      000000001 ACTIVE       NO  NO  NO  004 255 255 20070723 100634 DBserver