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Terminal tabs disappear

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I use always open Terminal with some scripts running in parallel, and specific command history what I need frequently, for that it has great tab functionality. I really like that I can rename them to my processes.
But it has appeared several times that after some time - I assume after standby cycles, or dock/undock tab row on top of Terminal just disappears. I can still select next/previous tab using menu or shortcuts, and open new tabs, but the tab bar is gone. Tab bar is ok on new Terminal window, but this looses my state (long-running processes, history, folders) from the other Terminal window.
It seems to be just a bug in the latest Lion, should I post it to bug system?
The best answer: You can drag a tab off of the Terminal.app session to create a separate window, if that's what is happening to you marauder37.  Dragging the tabs on the windows back to the tab bar on one Terminal.app window works to restore those, though merging the tabs into a window is easier.  But if the tab bar is disappearing entirely (as the OP describes), then AFAIK there's something odd going on with the settings, the groups, etc.  Certainly worth a try to get the tabs back, but it still seems like there's a bug here.