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Transport planning and shipping condition

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What is the meaning of transport planning and shipping condition,
Please explani
The best answer: <b>Shipping Conditions (VSBED):</b>
General shipping strategy for the delivery of goods from the vendor to the customer.
You can define shipping conditions in your system which corresponds to the requirements of your company. You can specify a shipping condition in the customer master and in the vendor master.
The loading group, the plant and the shipping condition determine the shipping point that will be proposed by the system.
Apart from the country and the geographical region of the shipping point, the ship-to party and the transportation group, the shipping condition determines the route that the system proposes in the order for the delivery of the goods. In the delivery, the route proposal also takes the weight group into account.
<b>Transportation Planning:</b>
Transportation Planning is part of the Transportation Planning/Vehicle Scheduling (TP/VS) application and is used for medium to long-term planning. It enables the transportation planner to optimally distribute the available capacities for trucks, trains, ships, and planes. The aim of Transportation Planning is to load capacities in the most efficient way and reduce costs. Most customers currently rely entirely on external shipping companies to carry out an optimal transportation of goods, which means that punctual and cost-effective deliveries are a high priority.
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