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Tutorial: how to install ubuntu on new alu macs.

Okay, to install the most popular distro. of linux, ubuntu, you must first go to the site and download a live CD (this is the type of installer i will be using on this tutorial). Now after the download is done, go to disk utilities and burn the img to a CD-R. Put the CD somewhere safe for now. Now go to the bootcamp assistant app and make a partition, at least 20 gigs should do. now after that is done, dont click install windows now, click on install later. Okay, now for installing...
1. put the cd in the computer.
2. restart and hold down the option key at startup (before apple logo)
3. select windows (it says windows because that is the only approved OS to run with macOS)
4. select language and then select install ubuntu.
5. follow the simple instructions until it gets to the part where you need to partition your drive.
6. select manually partition (the last option)
7. delete the 20Gig FAT32 partition (should be near bottom)
8. now with the free space, create a 3000mb swap area partition.
9. after that, make a 1000mb ext3 (the first option) and then under mount options, make it a /home partition.
10. for the final step, make the rest of the free space a ext3 but under the mount options, this time just select the "/". now your done, click install and fill out your personal info and you should be good.
11. have it restart and when it's shutting down, it should spit out the disk.
12. once it is restarting, hold down the option key again and insert the disk once the macOS HD icon comes up. the disk should appear next to it and be labeled windows.
13. select the cd and when the menu for the cd comes up again, go to the last option where it says "boot up from first drive" or something like that (sorry, im typing this off of memory).
14. you will need to update everything, but besides that, you should be golden. as far as i know, you have to insert the cd every time, i dont know how to get it to work with out the cd, sorry. (please inform me if someone knows how)
hope this helped!
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