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Update 0VTF Route Determination with a new Shipping Condition

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I have created a new Shipping Condition to have a different route determination.
I have completed the configuration as Standard SAP procedures for Routes determination.
However, in order to apply this solution in production, it's going to be necessary to update the new "Shipping Condition" for more than 8,000 routes in Production environment.
Transaction:  0VTF
Table:            TROLZ
According to the Abap team, the changes by CATT is not possible because the Transaction requires specific selection and "double click" functionality.
Using BDC and LSMW is not possible, since they had problem already in the past with both options.
I still have sent a message to SAP without any successfull answer.
Can you let me know if there is a Standard SAP solution for it or a BAPI to massively update the routes determination?
Thank you
The best answer: Hi
You can use CATT to maintain the route determination. Use tcode SM30/SM31 to update view V_TROLZ01 for recording. You don't have to double click anywhere. Let me know if this works.