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Use of Vendor and Customer in 'Define Shipping Data for Storage Location"

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Under the stock transfer order configuration, there is a IMG step <b>"Define Shipping Data for Storage Location".</b>
In this at storage location level, we can assign, sales org/distribution channel, division and VENDOR and CUSTOMER to storage location.
The customer number is used a sold-to-party in outbound deliveries.
<b>But I am not able to figure out what's the use of VENDOR number we are specifying in this step.</b>
If I am assiging the VENDOR Number here to every storage location, then when I am creating cross-company code Stock transport order, which vendor code I will select the one assigned to PLANT or one Assigned to Storage location.
<b>Also I need to know what vendor account group I will use for creating this storage location vendor.</b>  I have more than one storage locations) under one plant. Soif I used account group as "0007" plant, SAP doesn't allow me to assigne one plant code to 2 vendors and in vendor master on 'additional purchasing data' screen I am not seeing storage location field, it has only 'PLANT' field.
<b>So I need to know-
1. Which account group to use for creating storage location vendor
2. What's the ultimaye use of this vendor code
3. What vendor # I will use while creating cross-company PO (one for plant or one for storage location.</b>
The best answer: Hi,
Define Shipping Data
Here in this step you maintain the customer number of the receiving plant. This customer number is used in SD shipping processing to identify the goods recipient (ship-to party) if stock transfer to be carried out with an SD delivery
A goods receipt can be planned in the receiving plant.
You can enter a vendor (transport vendor) in the stock transport order
In IMG step "Define Shipping Data for Storage Location".
You can assign sales org/distribution channel, division and VENDOR and CUSTOMER to storage location through Plant only.Means this Vendor is created for entering in the STO .This vendor is created for the the Plant (Supplying Plant)so as u can create STO.
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