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Using mini-DVI to VGA adapter to Samsung display

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I have 2009 late model of mac mini, The text on display looks washed out, not clear or sharp at all from day one, I thought it was the old model of monitor, tried the same cable to another monitor on another computer, SAME. so I thought the problem could be the cable or adapter.
It's hard for me to believe is the signal from computer. I'm using VGA adapter made by Dynex bought from Best Buy.
Anybody has suggestions?? Thanks
The best answer: Yeah, My old Samsung is lcd synmaster 17", bought many years ago at around $1000. Crazy, crazy price looked back. It's fine when I used it on the retired old Dell. It must be the adapter, trying not to buy another VGA adapter, could not image my next lcd will use one, anyway.
This cable has only 14 pins vs 15 pins on the other cable, not sure if it matters?? Or if Safari has anything to do with it??
Thank for you reply...