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Using S-Video w/ the Mini DVI to Video Adapter

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I just purchased a MacBook last week and I also purchased a Mini DVI to Video adapter for it so I can use the built-in DVD player to watch movies on my TV. I have a composite to composite cable and that worked fine when I connected the cable between the Mini DVI to Video Adapter and my TV. However, when I tried to use a S-Video cable and connected that between the Mini DVI to Video Adapter and my TV; then I got no picture at all. All I saw on the TV was a picture of the MAC desktop w/o the dock and the movie or nothing else played at all.
Is the composite connection a better connection for the MAC, or, are there some settings I need to work with on the MAC to get the S-Video connection to work?
The best answer: I managed to figure this one out, by fluke. The MacBook has to be powered on and ready for user input prior to connecting the mini DVI to video adapter with the s video already connected to it, and to the TV. Once I did it this way, it worked fine. I just thought I'd share this.


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