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Viewing values in hyper terminal

Hello all,
    I am quite new to WSN programming. I have Crossbow and required hardware( micaz motes, mib510 programming board and a serial port cable). Can I view a Hello Message send by mote in the hyper terminal. Please guide me from the very beginning. Since I am purely from a computer science background . Thanks in advance 
The best answer: sas-Qatar wrote:
Sorry Didn't figure out how that could be done...
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anyhow...I am attaching the manual for my GPR, as well the error code.
I want to input XON as a command to make sure my GPR will be booting, I did that through hyper terminal and it worked fine, but through lab veiw not sure why it is not working.
That error code indicates you are trying to use events, but have not actually registered for an event. Why are you using the Basic 2 Port example? You should be using the regular Basic Serial Write and Read example. The manual indicates that you need to append a carriage return to the commands. In the Basic Serial Write and Read example you can do so by replacing the "\n" with "\r". Thus, the control should look like this:
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Basic Serial Write and Read_FP.png ‏4 KB