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Want to pay off Verizon EDGE phone 100% and yet still can't get out of Agreement??

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My fiance was talked into getting on the EDGE plan and apparently not many employees know the rules behind the actual Agreement.  They told us originally he could get on the EDGE plan and when we were ready we could combine our accounts, I am not under the EDGE program btw.  So when it came time when I was ready to add him under MY account they said we couldn't because he had the EDGE plan.  So they then said we could buy out the EDGE Agreement and combine the accounts then.  The associate told me to "think" about it though and also to wait til the 8th when my cycle ended.  Well, I went into another Verizon store yesterday because it was the only time our schedules allowed for it during the time and was told that yes, we could buy out the phone and Agreement but we have to wait 30 days from when he got on the plan?????  If I'm not mistaken the FAQ's section on this website for the EDGE Agreement states we can buy out the phone (pay the entire amount) and be done with it AT ANY TIME.  Did I read that wrong or does Verizon NOT want $335 out of my pocket immediately?  I just want some answers, straight answers and the RIGHT ANSWER.  I'm tired of talking to reps and getting different stories and answers every time.  Let us please buy out this Agreement and get back on a regular 2 year plan so we can combine our accounts. 
The best answer: 1.  We did not know it was not a real Verizon store, when it has "Verizon Wireless" plastered in big letters all over it, well it's a tad bit misleading.  Had we known at first it wasn't legit, we would have never stepped foot in the door.  Lesson learned.
2. I did not sign up for the EDGE plan, my fiancé did and he did so without researching about it like I would have done.  But he was desperate for a new phone cause he thought his Pantech Maurader was a piece of junk.  However, I do not believe it was even that.  After my research on the Android Operating System updates, I would say its the new updates that are junk.  I am under the regular 2 year plan and am perfectly happy with my old iPhone 4 and my contract and the fact that I have to barely deal with situations like this, until now. 
3. I want him under my plan because I get the better employee discount and we'd like to save money by having our accounts combined.
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