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When I click on download link, Firefox don't pop-up window where i could select open with or to save file, it just pop-up window where to save, why?

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Before update, when i clicked on download link pop-up window would come up asking me if i wnat to open file with program or just save it, but after update i dont get that pop-up window, insted i get window asking me where to save it, how can i fix this problem, because i want sertain files to be opened with a program like it was before update? I have tried every solution i could find, and nothing helped. I use Firefox 16.0.2 on win7 ultimate x64bit
The best answer: Thank you, it helped alot. I found that my problem was that all programs in applications panel was set to "save file" option and when i changed them to "always ask" it was back to normal, like i used to :D many thanks


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