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When saving a PDF from a FrameMaker book, is it possible to set document filenames as bookmarks in the PDF?

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When saving a PDF from a FrameMaker book, is it possible to set document filenames as bookmarks in the PDF? Currently when I have a Framemaker book that I want to save as a PDF, I choose Save Book As and then choose PDF for the file format. A dialog box comes up in which I can choose the Bookmarks tab and choose which tagged content I want to be made into bookmarks in the PDF file. What if I would rather have the filename of a document rather than the chapter title be a bookmark in the PDF? Is that possible? Where would I choose that option? Thanks!
The best answer: There are two ways that you could do this. You can either use postscript text frames and enter the correct pdfmark entries to show the file name with the corresponding actions (i.e. where to go in the PDF) or you can use hidden text in FM and the "Filename (Short) " variable in a unique paratag to be picked up by FM's bookmark creation.
To go the pdfmark route, see http://www.pdflib.com/fileadmin/pdflib/pdf/pdfmark_primer.pdf for details and also consult the Adobe Pdfmark Reference manual (http://www.adobe.com/content/dam/Adobe/en/devnet/acrobat/pdfs/pdfmark_reference.pdf).
The hidden text route would use FM's Color Views to specify a colour as Invisible. This will make the content visually disappear from the screen (and any output), but FM will still be able to read the contents of any text that is coloured with the Invisible colour(s).
1. Pick or create a colour that you want to be invisible. [Magenta is usually a good bet and stands out visually].
2. Set that colour to be invisible in View 1 and visible in View 6. [you can use the shortcut <esc> v 1 and <esc> v 6 to toggle between the views.]
3. Create a paratag to use for the filename and set the font colour to use the invisible colour.
3. In the title of each chapter file, drop an anchored frame that is set to be outside of the text frame [so it won't interfere with any other content].
4. In that AFrame, insert a text frame and use the invisible paratag defined in step 3.
5. Insert the Filename (Short) variable in that text frame.
6. Repeat steps for all files to be included in the bookmarks.
When creating the PDF bookmarks, select only the paratag used for the invisible colour.
Don't forget to toggle the View to be invisible (i.e. <esc> v 1  - this also works at the book level for all files in the book).


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