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Why did FF start to freeze, flash the cursor and refuse to play videos yesterday?

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Basically out of nowhere YouTube stopped loading Videos. At first other Streams would still work but by now I only get a black square, where the clip should appear. Pretty much at the same time, whenever a YouTube tab was open, even without a player in it the "thinking wheel" appeared at the cursor an started flashing (strangely it stops when I mouseover a link) and from time to time the whole browser freezes für about 30 seconds. Everything is fine in Chrome and IE
I've gone through several forums trying to solve at least one of the issues, but nothing worked. My failed attemps so far were:
-update all plugins
-update all players
-update FF though FF itself refused to do so and I had to download the install.exe with chrome
-restart FF
-reset FF
-delete and reinstall FF
-restarting the pc
-clearing the cache
-clearing the cookies
-disable hardware acceleration
-FF safe mode
-switching off caret browsing
-enabled HTML5 in YouTube
So, mighty race of men, a chance for you to show your quality!
The best answer: Is it possible that some sites may be blocking this the one that is titled: [This plug-in enables downloading of Flash videos]
There were some login issues that day [http://downdetector.com/status/youtube/news/7830-problems-at-youtube-3] There would have been issues if you were logged in. However it looks like this has cleared up, have you still experienced issues over the weekend?
If so, try to create a new profile and access the youtube videos while you are not logged into your youtube account. If you have a login cookie at the site, log out and back in again to create a new cookie.


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