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WiFi connection problem solved

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My intel iMac and MBA had no problem but iPods 3g and 5g did.  I had an old Netgear router connected and sitting next to my Airport Express.  On a hunch I diconnected the Netgear and created a guest network to replace the one on the Netgear.  PROBLEM SOLVED! 
Evidently our iPods and boarder's iPhone had problems sorting out the signals and finding the right addresses.  Moving the AE to a higher and slightly more central position also helped.
The best answer: Same here on a Vodafone PocketWiFi 2.
Tried NetworkManager, wicd, wifi-menu but all have the same issue.
I recently installed Aptosid on another machine and it has the same problem... It also has kernel version 3.9.
All the live CDs I've tried work, even an Arch CD from May works, though a current install does not.
I have no problems connecting to another (wpa2 enterprise) network yet can't on this 3G modem.
I'm hoping this isn't a permanent issue and perhaps an update very soon will fix this.
It seems the only way to fix this for now is to use an old version of Linux. I'm currently running a virtual machine only for the purpose of Internet sharing, very annoying.