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Windows 8 Pre-Load Dual Boot with Windows 7 (T430)

I ave created Recovery Media for WIndows 8 Preload using the following instructions:
I have deleted GPT partition where Windows 8 Preload was installed leaving other partitions, including recovery partition, intact. Created smaller GPT partition for Windows 7 64-bit and after some drama with Windows 7 product key I was able to install anb boot into Windows 7.
The next step was to create partition for Windows 8 Preload.
After rebooting I followed steps at the link above:
- F12 and boot from USB (Recovery Media)
- Select Troubleshoot (Other options: Continue to Windows 7, Use a device (US Drive, network connection or Windows recovery DVD)
- Select Reset your PC (Other oprions: Refresh you PC and Advanced Options)
At this point on Resset your PC under "Choose a target OS" there's only Windows 7 option no choice for traget partition?
Just for fun I go Next and I'm presented with Do you want to repartition the drives on your PC or keep existing partitions? Now is the time to politely decline since I don't want Windows 7 wiped out.
What is the process to install Windows 7and then Windows 8 Preload?
The best answer: Also, some people have claimed success with shrinking existing Windows 8 preload and installing Windows 7 second. Is is possible on GPT style partition? If so, would reset of preload wipeout Windows 7 or would there be option to install over shrunk Windows 8 preload?
Thank you,