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WLC 2504 Crash version

Hey guys,
I updated the software to version for the WLC 2504 two days ago, it worked fine until this morning that it crashed, it's was blinking amber and green and the SYS light as well, I couldn't ping it, then I took the power cable off, and reboot it to get it up again, does anybody knows the reason of it, and also if there is some work around that I can do in order to solve it.
I'll be waiting for your comments.
Alberto Badilla.
The best answer: Hi,
We had a same experince with same IOS software 8.0.110(we have 3 controllers), we found that iuuses with legecy access points like 1240,1142,1250 ap's. Only working with either 2700/3700/1700 ....
Thanks & Regards,
Naveen A