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XML Publisher Report in EBS without Standard Oracle Report

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Hi folks ,
i have some questions.
Can I create a XML Publisher Report for the EBS without a Standard Oracle Report in EBS.
So that I can build up the files with the Desktop Publisher, create Data Definition / Template with Upload / Create the executable und concurrent and than only start the new program in EBS ?
I have the situation that I can start my program with the template in the background but ít is searching for the report on the file system.
Thanks in advance for the feedback.
The best answer: Hi Ravi ,
can i do it only with the xml Publisher , because when i tried it in the past and get all the staff like Template / DD / CP up and running and started the CR i get an error from the system that he is missing a report directly in the file system... so he searched for the report himself on system like a standard 6i Report. But the template and the dd is stored in the db. So my question again, can I use the XML Puplisher without a Standard Report or can i use a dummy file only for checking and after that he use my template / dd.


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